Dammit Game of the Week: Totem Destroyer

GrE writes, "Welcome to the Dammit Game of the Week! I'll be your host on this time wasting trip, so please enjoy. What the hell is a Dammit Game, you ask. Good question… A Dammit Game is a on-line flash game that seemingly sucks away hours without you even knowing it. Finally, you'll look at your watch and say "Dammit… I wasted (insert an obscenely large amount of time here) on this stupid game." Because I have been deemed the one who spends an unhealthy amount of the time on the internet (and I get paid for it), I get the job of finding you games to waste your time on. I'll try to keep these work friendly… but you never know… one might slip through the cracks."

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bgrundman3485d ago

actually it is correct... I have looked.

CrAppleton3485d ago

Actually.. it's Dammit ;-)

supercharger51503485d ago

It's correct for the slang term.

CrAppleton3485d ago

Awesome game! Thanks for pointing it out!

MacGyver133485d ago

almost as addictive as peggle is lol

CrAppleton3485d ago

Wow.. you guys really like Peggle

supercharger51503485d ago

You would too if you'd tried it by now.

darkroomdemons3482d ago

I would totally play it if I wasn't still hacking through Diablo 2. Dammit.