AT&T hurrying massive network update for new iPhone launch

AT&T is rushing to rollout a major upgrade to its 3G mobile data service in anticipation of a tenfold increase in network traffic from new iPhone hardware expected to go on sale in June, according to a vendor source.

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N4PS3G3485d ago

ughh..i love my iphone..but i despite Apple so much right now.. the iphone 3g is not even 1 year old....what now? a new iphone model every month?? Fok off Apple!

solidsnakus3485d ago

the problem lies with apple and its dumbass fanboys. apple keeps milking you dumbasses for money and you just keep on giving it up for them year after year. its worse than people that buy wiis cause they found a way to keep milking its customers with yearly revisions.

PlayStation3603485d ago

"Apple keeps milking you dumbasses"
"Microsoft keeps milking you dumbasses"
"Sony keeps milking you dumbasses"
"Bungie keeps milking you dumbasses"
"Square Enix keeps milking you dumbasses"



Half-Mafia3485d ago


Apple releases 1 new iPhone every year. compare that to all the other phone manufacturers like blackberry.

blackberry have released like 5-6 phones since the iPhone 3G came out in July last year. and the next iPhone wont be out till July

solidsnakus3483d ago

theres a diffrence though, apple is just like EA where they just keep releasing the same shiit year after year aka madden 07-08-09-10 and all their products, apple is the same. last time i checked ms, bungie , sony , S E dont make yearly 'sequels' it takes them 3 years for the sequel and they make it right. they dont hold back features on purpose just to sell it in the next model AKA the ipod nano having the video feature withheld till the next years model.

PlayStation3603483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I love my PS3/360. And every game I get. But lets be real. Every game that has been made is just a small upgrade from the last. The innovation is not there. Yet, we all continue to pay for them. It's literally the "same shiit year after year".

Halo, Resistance, Killzone, COD, etc. All fall under the same genre (shooter in this case), because they are all the "same shiit". A shooter is a shooter. No matter what franchise it is. They don't innovate, just improve. Nothing is wrong with that. We still enjoy them. But an upgrade is still just an upgrade.

However, you are right in the point you made about yearly upgrades. I hate that about Apple. That's why I'm gonna upgrade my iPhone only when I think it's worth it (to me, 3G ain't worth it, and neither is video recording)

My humble opinion of course. And please don't take my disagree with malice bro (it's so friggin' hard to have a friendly discussion on this site, it's easier to get a Platinum trophy on Warhawk :P).

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dragunrising3485d ago

I almost got an iPhone and let my Verizon Wireless contract run out. Now, I'm glad I got a Storm. Blackberry App World just launched and I see more smartphone competition in the next few years. The iPhone will always have its following but now there are alternatives.

Regarding yearly phone don't feel like your getting something as special if it gets fazed out within a year. If Apple could stretch the updates out by a year and a half or two, I think people would feel differently.

KYU21303485d ago

The actual fact is that AT&T is working on increasing there mobile network coverage by implementing a new service that would benifit all smart phone users. Its called FMC networking, or femtocell. Yes apple is working on it with them but only because it has one of the smartphones.

KazthebigmouthHirai3485d ago

Besides, wasn't their contract with Apple expiring this year? If it hasn't already. That's where I also heard talks, that Apple would now be interested in just selling the damn phone to an open market, or all the carriers not just one.