Final Fantasy VII: PSN Release versus PS3 Remake "Final Fantasy VII has seen numerous prequels (Before Crisis and Crisis Core), sequels (the CG film Advent Children) and side-stories (Dirge of Cerberus). But the wish for a re-release of Final Fantasy VII in any form is stronger than ever. What exactly would satiate the desire for Squaresoft's multi-million, award-selling and in some books, highly over-rated, Japanese role playing game? Instant gratification and faithful reproduction of the original classic or a High Def extravaganza of the seventh generation order? What would be the benefits of having a Playstation Network release of Final Fantasy VII versus a PS3 remake? Finally, which would redeem Square-Enix from it's recent critical and commercial slump?"

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Zeus Lee3578d ago

Don't care,after Final Fantasy 13,I have absolutely no whatsoever reason to continue supporting Square Enix.

Wizeguy213578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Every Final Fantasy game has been GREAT! (9 was good too! definitely a good game) But the key difference between the ff games and the NON-FF games that Square enix has made is, the time they have dedicated!

Im sure Final Fantasy 13 will be great! They are spending TONS of resources and time into it.

As for Square Enix Slump... Aren't they making bank on all the FF remakes on the ds!? Im sure they know they can always remake FF7 and bring in the cash they need... Maybe they are saving it for a Rainy Day...

PirateThom3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I'll be honest, I have played a ton of FF games and spent hours on them.

Even X-2 and Mystic Quest.

Hours and hours.

I played XII for 2 hours and gave up. I do not like the battles in it at all and I have a bad feeling XIII will be more or less the same thing.

I'd prefer a remake of VII over XIII, at the moment, because I haven't seen anything from XIII that I didn't see in XII.

Reibooi3578d ago


More and more indications from scans and whatnot are pointing to the fact that the Final Fantasy XIII battle system will function very close to that of X and X-2. Really the only thing it has in common with XII is that you can see the enemies on the field and that is a good thing not a bad thing.

Fox013578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Final Fantasy XII was the first FF game I couldn't finish; the battle system just bored me to death.

EDIT ; I miss the old FFs were they gave you a choice during dialogues, that was cool.

hay3578d ago

I'm in minority here. Didn't like X but loved XII so I think(and hope like f*cking hell) XIII will be great. But I'm more interested in Versus, those blood splatters, darkish mood and close to modern universe keeps me intrigued how will this stuff work out since in XIII there's a lot place for monsters and other exp giving crap in mixed like hell world.

Fox013578d ago

I'm interested in VS too; but not because it's exclusive on any kind of stupid shyt like that, but because it's an FF game. I even bought FF X-2 (yeah, shame on me).

RecSpec3578d ago

Good to see I'm not the only one that couldn't get through XII.

I tried multiple times, but I never got hooked.

meepmoopmeep3578d ago

i had to re-buy VII off ebay

i'd rather they remade VII
add in nice graphics and voices

i'll find out if XIII's battle system is any good or not in a couple weeks. but yeah, i wasn't too fond of XII either.

UltraNova3578d ago

I believe that the teaser SE showed us some time ago with Cloud jumping on the Train heading towards the City wasn't just a teaser..

Why bother? If they did it just to see our reaction in order to justify the remake I think we made it more than clear that we want it and we want it badly!

Its just a matter of time really..

Flipgeneral3578d ago

They need to leave FFVII alone. I don't want my memories of Cloud and the rest to be tainted by an Ambiguously metrosexual Cloud.

Lawliet3578d ago

Please, stop with the FFVII remake. I rather have VI, VIII remakes. FFVII really ain't that great(It's fun but not that great) to deserve such popularity.
Zeus Lee, I know X, X-2, XII were such a disappointment, but do not lose faith! I'm sure FFXIII or FFVSXIII will be the revival series.

Andor_Trask3578d ago

I agree with you man, I would like a FF8 remake more than FF7. Personally, I think FF7 is waaaay overrated. I beat the spider boss and after that I could stay with it, I just didnt care lol.

creatchee3578d ago

Why, because it's not a PS3-exclusive anymore?

I'm sick of fanboys trashing FF simply because it will be on the 360 as well. I guarantee if you go through most of their comment histories FF13 was on their pathetic "list of games that will make PS3 rule 200X" before Microsoft broke their hearts last E3.

Get over it. Be a fan, not a fanboy.

JoySticksFTW3578d ago

I still have my PSone FFVII disks, so I'm all for a remake. It's coming... just watch the end sequence of Crisis Core.

And the remake that I REALLY want is FFVIII with updated graphics and no "Draw" system.

No remake of FFVI though... FFVI is just perfect in every way. Even though I'd be lying if I tell you all that I wasn't excited with that 3D FFVI N64/Ultra demo :)

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RememberThe3573578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

and great franchises. Squre is being held down by their new(er) western kiss-assim. They are spending way too much time on MS's balls, and they need to get back to what they used to do best, and thats making epic adventures.

How about being that "multi-platform" publisher you claimed to be. Not the "every system but the PS3" publisher.

Edit: Yes it is. Listening to it right now actually. Bubbles.

brycespitler3578d ago

one of the best albums ever

off topic, i know but it needs o be said

SaiyanFury3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I know I'm clearly in the minority here, and I completely expect a crapload of disagrees and an inbox full of hatemail, but since FFVIII, I've been nearly completely jaded on the FF series. FF8 was the last great one. FFIX wasn't bad. FFX was completely average, save for the awesome setting. X-2 was the same as it's prequel. Hey, hate me if you like but that won't change my viewpoint. FFXI was online, which I never do. Then came FFXII. I know a lot of people here didn't like it, but I loved it. It was the first FF in almost 10 years that I really enjoyed. The music was stellar, and I actually liked the Gambit battle system. I can completely understand how a lot of people wouldn't like it. But considering it was done by the same guys as the landmark FF Tactics, I loved it.


I completely agree. S-E is foaming at the mouth for western funds, it's disgusting. Even FFXIII looks all militaristic and as if it's set in the sterile world of an FPS. I don't know if I'll be getting FFXIII, but at the very least I can always go back and play the classics FFVII, FFVIII, and FF Tactics worst case scenario. :D

sinncross3578d ago

Id' prefer a PSN release solely because the one thing I'd hate them to do to a FF7 remake is overhaul the game with the stupid DBZ nature of the spinoffs.

Seriously, flying and fighting through air? At least FF7 actually had some logic to it, all of which was completely thrown out the window with the spinoffs.

nonetheless they were entertaining for what they were worth.

Nike3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Entertaining yes, but Crisis Core completely threw me off. The main story was just about okay with all it's references (along with the heart-breaking final battle; curse you Shinra! Why couldn't you let Zack and Aeris meet just one last time?!) but the combat and missions just degenerated into "Find and Beat the Snot Out of X". And I do prefer the good old days when the characters weren't flying around like Superman but were humans susceptible to failure.

Nikuma3578d ago

Did you SEE the omnislash limit break?

Nike3578d ago

You mean Cloud using his most powerful move at the end and not the beginning, then mysteriously surviving a big-ass explosion before curing a bunch of kids of god-knows-what-the-frak with weird water?

rob60213578d ago

I wouldn't buy a re release on PSN, I want to see a full remake, and the remake has to have the same music or it won't be any good.

Reibooi3578d ago

I agree 100%

They should bring back Uematsu and have him redo the whole soundtrack. We saw with Advent Children that he could update the soundtrack while keeping the sound and feel exactly the same.

hay3578d ago

@Reibooi: Amen dude.

poopface13578d ago

This is the only jrpg I ever liked, so I can see why some hate it. I would buy a ps3 now if they remade ff7. Wouldnt care about a re-release tho cause I still have mine. Itll probably be one of the first games I play when I get a ps3 someday.

And your right about the music, it is amazing. I love all the music and will probably remember it for the rest of my life. Im not sure if id like the new music and I dont think a remake can capture the magic of the beautiful pre rendered backgrounds.

Thoreau3578d ago

square thought they could support the 360 and turn a monster profit, but situations don't always work out as planned. i am surprised wada is still in charge.

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