AppCraver Review: The Cuddlies

AppCraver: "The Cuddlies - Contrary to what many people think, I really do like cute and cuddly things. I have a slight aversion to excessively cute and cuddly things and I do think it's a challenge for game developers on any platform to incorporate "cute" into a game without limiting its fan base. Right off the bat, one can only assume that with a name like "The Cuddlies," this app is going to feature some level of cuteness - and it does.

The Cuddlies are a quartet of animated critters. Obviously one is a panda bear, the red one is a bunny, and the yellow thing is a cat (specifically a tiger), but the blue one? He's a hippo. All the critters seem a bit manic to me, but they are still kind of cute. Nevertheless, I have never in my life wanted so badly to impale a cuddly critter with a pitchfork as when playing this game."

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