STP: Sally's Salon Review

Sally's Salon, from RealArcade, is yet another time management game featuring a female protagonist who branches out from corporate life to start a local business... just like Chocolate Shop Frenzy, Cake Mania 3, Super Market Mania, and many other such titles. Sally's Salon fails to stand out from the crowd in any meaningful way, prompting us to shrug our shoulders and move on down the line.

There are two basic modes of gameplay in Sally's Salon: Campaign and Survival. The Campaign mode sees you progress through different salons. Survival tests how long you can withstand an endless horde of impatient customers. Your tasks are to serve your customers before their patience runs out, which includes -- in the beginning -0 washing, cutting, and drying their hair, and then taking their money. Each station has a limited number of chairs, and you have a limited number of hands. All of the while, they have 5 hearts over their heads, which slowly dwindle the longer they wait. Yet each task you do makes them happier, if you do it right. There's no skill required; you just scroll through a list of hair styles until the customer makes a happy face.

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