RPGFan: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

All-in-all, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a tri-Ace title. It's amazingly fun and amazingly flawed in many ways. Just about every system in the game is breakable, but that's a tri-Ace hallmark. It's a game that most RPG fans will find to be a worthy purchase, but don't expect a world-class game out of it. As long as players are willing to find that mute button on their remote and can stand up to an overly-sappy story, there's no reason not to pick up Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

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FantasyStar3578d ago

The review is spot on for me. Everything about the game is great except for the presentation. I cannot play an RPG game with horrible voice acting, I can put up with bad lip syncing, poor motions or even facial expressions, but I cannot tolerate bad voice acting. The voices sell the character, I only rented this game and glad I did.