Xbox 360: A Tale Of Two Markets - UK

Microsoft has achieved great success in the videogames industry, of that there is no doubt. From their humble beginnings as the underdog of the Previous-Generation to the gamer's console of choice at what could be deemed as the mid-point of the Current-Generation, the Xbox brand has proven itself worthy of that much sought after third spot in the console race. The situation may not be the same elsewhere in the world, but right here in the UK, the Xbox360 is clearly the dominant console for the Hardcore Gamer.

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mgirl3511d ago

They make an interesting point in how well borrowing sega's mega-drive tactics have worked fro the 360, but I think Master Chief is just as much of an icon as pickachu these days...

MrJack3511d ago

Every idiot/chav I know has one. And they are all idiots, they literaly believed the PS3 had ONE exclusive, when I replied with a list of about 20, they all said. "But those games are better on Xbox anyway"

Seriously, they are all dumbasses.

Strikepackage Bravo3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I would call them idiots, many people know about the 360 because it is popular and all their friends have it. Just because they don't know as much about your console of choice does not make them idiots. Its not like PS3 specifics are required learning in schools across the land. Who cares if they dont know what's on PS3 if they don't plan on buying one in the first place.

Instead of calling them idiots, maybe we should be trying to figure out what to call you for taking such things so personal. If you own stock in Sony forgive me, in that case you have a reason to care so much.