'Lack of innovation' is a stupid criticism

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

I feel really terrible about it, but as a discerning consumer with a fairly large wad of student loan debt, my budget does not allow me to blow all manner of cash on video games. It is thus that I have to be picky about what I spend my hard earned cash on.

Well, it's easy to assume that this is a problem that resonates with lots of people who enjoy games as their primary hobby. That, of course, and no one has the time or inclination to play through the entire slurry of video games on the various consoles and computers.

So we have to rely on reviews of games to give us information about which ones are worth purchasing. The system works well for all manner of critical works, but there's a phrase that gets used far too often. "It's good, but it lacks innovation." Instant '7' ranking, and doomed to obscurity.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3486d ago

The 360 lacks all innovation,quality and reliability so its really the most useless heater/console right now in the game market.