Why Japanese Game Ads Are the Best In the World

Your eyeballs have been sullied by hateful Western game adverts for too long now. Your retinas simply can't stand staring into the back of peeps' craniums in 360 commercials, gritty - read miserable - cinematography for action games ads or Aryan race-esque families playing 2.4 children in front of their consoles. Want people to buy your titles, giant corporations? You could start by never showing them this again.

Instead, show them middle-aged businessman fighting for survival in the wilderness, wronged women attacking men with bouquets or a couple in gold body paint hugging on public transport. It sounds like madness, but it's clearly a sound business strategy. After all, the Japanese have been using brilliantly barmy ads like these and more to shift games to punters for decades.

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George Sears3486d ago

Lol at the MGS3 ad but what the hell is wrong with Ratchet's eyebrows?