11 things to love and loathe about the Nintendo DSi

Globe and Mail game columnist lists his likes and dislikes regarding Nintendo's new system in Pass/Fail format. A couple of examples:

"DSi Shop – Epic pass

Nintendo's new online store, available only through the DSi (the original DS and DS Lite haven't the means to access the shop or to store downloadable content), is set to become a warehouse of cheap, fun games, social networking applications, and various other fun and useful bits of software. Get started with a the free web browser, then try out Wario's new camera-based micro-game adventure, WarioWare: Snapped!, which costs just five bucks.

Larger screen – Fail

More visual real estate sounds like a plus, but the number of pixels hasn't increased. Instead, they've simply been made larger, which, depending on the keenness of your eyes and how close you are to the screen, can make images appear less crisp. Plus, bigger screens require more juice. IGN reports that, at maximum brightness, the DSi delivers only three to four hours of play time, whereas the DS Lite offered five to eight. At least the charge time has been reduced from three hours to two-and-half...."

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