PS3 Price Cuts: Why Sony Can't Afford Not To

Despite what Sony says, they're headed for disaster unless they cut the PS3 price - find out why.

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cain1413512d ago

I just bought my PS3 last month, and I love it so far.

SirLarr3512d ago

Ergh really? I got a PS3 at launch and have only used it to play MGS4 and Uncharted. Waste of money, I say. I'd sell it off if I didn't need it to review games every now and then.

cain1413512d ago

I'm enjoying MSG 4, Uncharted, LBP, Flower, Pixel Junk Eden, and MLB the Show right now. Also a good list of upcoming games.

Lucreto3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I have my PS3 since launch and I have over 20 games. 360 didn't and still doesn't have games I like. I paid €600 and worth every penny.

table3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

you say you only use your ps3 for metal gear and uncharted. what about LBP, Killzone2, Resistance2 and what about all the great multiplatform games. do you just buy multiplats on 360 to convince yourself that you are getting your moneys worth on xbox live? 360 only has 2 good exclusives that you cant get on PC. I'd say the 360 is a waste of money.

On topic: i dont think sony can afford to drop the price but i dont think they need to. its selling faster than the 360 did since launch.

cain1413512d ago

@1.3 and 1.4

There are a lot of great games on the Xbox as well.

mint royale3512d ago

My god there are tons of awesome games. Check out flower! What a game.

Lucreto3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

It may have but none that will make me buy a console. I hate Gears especially the Mr. Testosterone main character. To me it is like play complaining about the girly main characters in Final Fantasy.

Jinxstar3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Ratchet and clank, Warhawk, LBP, Motorstorm and uncharted for me... honestly not a huge fan of MGS. But there are plenty who swear by it =D

I liked the PS1 classic but none since then... SirLarr is most likely lying and making it up. just ignore him.

The_Zeitgeist3512d ago

Congrats cain welcome to the dark side.

Lifendz3512d ago

As opposed to cutting the price before the company can do so without incurring substantial losses? Sorry but the system is a premium system. If gamers don't want to spend the extra 100.00 bucks for a system with free online, upgradeable HDD, and plays blu-ray movies then get a 360. No one would fault you. 360 is a great machine and, as shown by the numbers, hard to pass up at 199.99.

But I don't think Sony should rush to cut the price if they can't do so without crippling their game's division. The price drop will happen at some point in time. In the meantime, the system is selling very well for what it costs, games are moving on the system at a competitive pace with 360 (look at SF4 for example), and...well I won't get into all the reasons that justify keeping the price where it is.

In the end, these articles are always written by someone that doesn't see the big picture. NPD and VGchartz is not indicative of the world.

Microsoft Xbox 3603512d ago

Don't mind SirLarr, he is one of those pretenders.

Jamaicangmr3512d ago

If he only used his PS3 for MGS4 and Uncharted then thats just his preference because we all know there are megatons more games out. So he's just waisting his investment for reasons i don't care to understand.

Real Gambler3512d ago

Nobody knows the actual profit margin for the PS3. Where is the official 12% loss line from Sony? But the best line is: they should lower it by $50 and it will sell millions. Every consoles price drop show a quick peak, then return to normal. All of them, no exception. Price drop is always momentary.

Dang, I'm in my third year with my PS3, so I already saved $150 in online fee. Good enough for me! Next year, I'll save another $50, and the year after, and after, and after. So overal price of my console will eventually be $0. Hard to be cheaper than that.

Trollimite3512d ago

this article will only fall on deaf ears. sony has the next six years planned out and your article cant do anything to change that

the writter is wasting his time

Anon19743512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Well that's ridiculous. The analyst who suggest that Sony needs to increase it's installed base or else risk developers moving cash to the Wii.

2 years into the 360 it had sold 13 million consoles and everyone was gushing about how great it was doing. 2 years into the PS3 and it's moved 17 million and is on the ropes and no one is going to make games for it.

Edit below: What? MS games didn't make a profit until year 3, and even then it was all on the back of XBL subscriptions. Now, based on their last financial statement the price cut appears to have the 360 selling at a loss again as revenue was up year over year but profit was down 60%. I'm not saying Sony's racking in the dough right now, but your barking up the wrong tree here. Microsoft needs another 8 years at this rate to even break even on the 360. And the major developers say they generate the most revenue from the PS3 (Ubisoft, EA, Konami among others)

beans3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

He doesn't like PS3 games like many and gets attacked for it lol.

edit above darkrider: Yeah but two years into 360's life it had already been making a killing on software and services unlike PS3. It's not only about the amount of consoles sold, but more about which console can make me the dev more money and not just MS or Sony.

evrfighter3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

looks like sirlarrs comment left the SDF "foaming at the mouth".

on either side its always entertaining when someone takes something that's not directed at them and HAS to reply like they've been personally insulted.

it's almost a sign of buyer's remorse.

Jinxstar3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

@ Beans and Evr

You 2 know just as much as me this is the kind of guy who would never give up his PSN ID due to "Professional" reasons. Like everyone wants to be his personal friend or something and once it's out there ZOMG it's over for his life. He will defend not giving it and lie to the very end simply because he doesn't own one. You know this and I do too. Not like he couldn't make a second 'Free' account and prove he owns one then delete it 5 minutes later. He wont though because he doesn't. We all know this. You know this and he knows this so yeah. If he really thinks the PS3 is a waste thats cool. I don't care much. The fact that he's lying is the bad part.

Truth is I hate trolls that don't reply. Thats all he is doing. I bought my PS3 way back when and I have no regrets in my purchase. Never did. Only console I regretted buying was the 360. See my Blog for why if you care.

mint royale3512d ago

in his assumption that there is a double standard which is unfair on the ps3. However I don't necessarily think its bias merely relative expectations. When the 360 sold 13 million in its first 2 years it was lauded becuase it was comapred to the xbox which it looked like it would overtake. The ps3 on the other hand had expectations of selling like the ps2 which it found hard to come to terms with for various reasons and hence the relative disappointment. In reality the 360 and the ps3 when compared to each other are very similar in sales.

callahan093512d ago

@SirLarr, it's not Sony's fault that you've chosen to ignore everything that came before November 2007 and after June 2008. There was plenty of awesome before and after that span of time.

Immortal Kaim3512d ago

Mint Royale, I always tend to agree with your opinions, probably because they don't seem to be clouded by console preferences. :)

Anyway, the general consensus amongst the media is that a PS3 price drop is needed, and quickly. Irrespective of how the 360 is selling, the PS3 is not performing how you would expect, the brand recognition Sony garnered throughout the PS1 & PS2's lifecycle is something you just can't buy... It seems a lot of that good faith is now gone.

Of course Sony now has actual competition, the Wii is currently an unstoppable beast and the 360 isn't a pushover like the original was.

I still think I price cut is needed. Losses on hardware can hopefully be recouped with software sales and licensing fees.

pain777pas3512d ago

I love games and most on the 360 don't appeal to me except ME Sir Larr. I like Sony's PSN titles and varied releases so far they have been given a bad rap and for what reason? I think that the PS3 is not lagging behind in sales seriously and the gap is closing in other markets except NA. I think that the 360 was a waste of money for me. It broke down, scratched and overheated gears disc, oblivion scratched and couldn't read the disc, and ME is the only game I think was worth the purchase because with a few tweaks it could have surpassed Oblivion for me as the ultimate next gen game. I think Oblivion is the best overall game this gen and is multiplat that plays and looks better on the PS3. Oblivion saved the 360 for me with RR6 online at a time. Didn't like gears save the graphics thought halo3 played better and was more fun and more things to do. I'm being honest I had a 360 for a few years now and I have not played that game yet exclusive for that platform save ME and maybe gears. Other than that I'll put Kameo in there because that is an underated yet frustrating game due to controls in the underwater level so I gave up on that boss. 360 is overated. Live is not worth the money anymore. Sony is so close to matching though the ease of live cannot be under emphasized the thing just works plus achievements out the box or off the arcade guaranteed. I like somethings they did but I like the PS3 more. Wipeout is a PSN title that blows the bogus games I was playing on Live and wondering they have quantity but this game sucks. Sonic looked better off the disc compilation than on live. I don't get it. M$ really lost me with RROD though and not giving me any money back for cancelling my live subscription. /rant

godofthunder103512d ago

I'll agree that the ps3 is a great system.I have to disagree with Lifendz when he said and i quote(games are moving on the system at a competitive pace with 360 (look at SF4 for example).I guess it said SF4 because it's the only multiplatform game on the ps3 that's keeping up with the sells of the same one on the 360.The fact is that the 360 is outselling the ps3 in multiplatform game by a lot.SF4 is the only one to even stay close.

Then we have ps3 fanboys that keep talking about how they save money because online is free on the ps3.The fact is he's right.On the other hand it's like ps3 fanboys said,it cost for quality.The fact is that i'll pay &40 to $50 for xbl for 13 months instead of have psn for free.The fact is that xbl is a hell of a lot better then the psn.

The same ps3 fanboy then claim that the xbox 360 doesn't have that many exclusive games because it's on the pc to,but he calls a game that's on the ps3 and pc a ps3 exclusive,he's just a hypercrit for saying things like this.The fact is that 99.5% of the people that buy a console doesn't play games on the pc.I had a pc as long as i remember.I never did play games on it.I don't even like to play games on it.The majority of people that play a lot of pc games doesn't even care about consoles.

The same ps3 fanboy then started talking about BR.The fact is that br might be over with for movies before it even begins.I've read a lot of magazines that said DD is increasing a lot faster then people think.I'm like a lot of people who like to go to a store a buy the movie.The problem is that the majority of people isn't like that.They think it's a wast of maney to buy a movie.They like to just download it off ondemand servies or computers or the 360 and the ps3.The fact is that br will never be as big as dvds for 3 reasons i could think of.1ST-When dvds came out it was 100 times better then vhs.People didn't have to rewind it and they could go to any scene they wanted and the picture was a lot better.2ND-The only think that make br better then dvds is the picture and i'll agree that it's a good 1.The fact is that it isn't that much of a difference to make people buy it.3RD-the majority of people want beable to tell the difference because they don't even have a hd-tv.I'm not ssying that br movies want sell.I'm saying that it will never sell or be as big as dvds and that's a fact.

Every ps3 fanboys better open up their eyes and buy American as much as they can.The fact is that it's people like them that's been bringing down the U.S economy and it's way of living for years and it's a shame and they should be ashamed of theirselfs.I'm tired of hearing these morons crying and saying they don't buy American products because it's products are trash.Then these same duma** want to know why they don't have a job.All they have to do is look in the mirror to see why people are unemployed.These duma** are buying forign products and calling American products trash.

I remember when they had 2 different writers for 2 different game magazines.They both did a survey to find out why American products don't sell well in Japan.The #1 answer was because Japanese people like to buy products from their own country so they could keep their money there and help their economy out.I have all the respect in the world for these people.They love and respect their country .On the other hand we have duma** ps3 fanboys in America saying that Americans make trash and they will never buy an American product.Then they said they want Sony to cause Microsoft(an American company) to go bankrupt.

These people are so pathetic that they keep saying that they don't hurt the American economy.The fact is that it was people like them that started it years ago.The U.S had jobs for everyone.Then American started buying forign cars,it killed the Americam car industries and cost Americans millions of jobs in the industry.Then we had the ones that kept buying forign electronic products,this cost just about every company in the U.S that sold electronic products to shut down and this cost Americans million of jobs.The same with American clothing factories and any other facty you could think of.

Every american that claim anything in or made in the U.S is trash and is no better then American enemies.I bet that the majority of these people even voted for Abama.Abama is just a socialist who said today that'Americans are AROGANT and helped cause ever bad thing in history that happened.Abama is doing every thing he can to destroy every thing that our ancestory died for and what the U.S stand for.The U.S was built on capitalism.People came here from other countries to make a better life for themselfs.They knew that if they came to America and worked hard they would be awarded not punished for it.Abama want to take money away from the people that worked hard for it and give it to people that's to damn lazy to get off their fat a**es and go to work.He took controle of car companies,he even fired a ceo.This is the 1st time in the History of the U.S that a president took controle of a company.He want the goverment to pay every one health care.This mean that if a old person need a xray they might have to wait months just to get 1 because the person that's younger and in better shape will get his done 1st.His budget that just pasted killed America and what it stood for.Just because of his bill he added 1 trillion $S to the U.S defeciet for every year for 10 years.In other words Abama just added about a 11 trillion $ defeciet.This means that my kids and every ones elses will have to pay for it.Our kids will have to pay almost half their work checks to taxes just to keep the U.S from going bankrupt.It also mean that the kids that will go to college will to earm more money will be punished.Our kids will have to give the money they worked hard to people that's to lazy to work and it's unAmerican.Abama is just a socialist.i really think that he's a communist.I also think that he thinks he's the savior of the world when all he is is a appeaser.I agree with the DEMOCRAT SEN not REPUBLICAN SEN that said Abama is out of his lead because he don't know what he's doing.H*ll even his vice president said that he doesn't even have enough experience to be president.He also said that the presidency isn't for Abama to learn on the job,he said people should know what's going on when they get their.

People are so blind that they want even say the truth about abama.He said he want have ear marks when he's president.He said he will vet people hard.He said he want have lobbiest working for him.The fact is that he pased a bill with 9000 earmarks.Instead of vetting people hard he didn't vet at all.Every one he hired or tryed to hire didn't pay their taxes.He have lobbiest working for him to.Abama broke just about every campaign promise he made.

The fact is that people that trash american products and just buy forign product should just move the hell out of the U.S.The U.S need people in it that cares about don't need people like them that trash American products and buy forign products and cost americans jobs.They should move the hell out of the U.S to an island and bring Abama(communist)with them so he sould be their dictator because he would be happy to.

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ape0073512d ago

cause of the blu-ray drive

it's a shame 90% of games didn't utilize it worse yet,inferior versions...gta4...

SirLarr3512d ago

A lot of games have to use it just to get around the slow load speed. Games like Resistance store the same art assets multiple times on the disk to make it faster to access.

Blu-Ray would be much better technology if it wasn't handicapped my access speed.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213512d ago

I'm pretty sure that GTAIV was superior on PS3... Rockstar said it themselves

cain1413512d ago


To bad the DLC is only on one system though...

BaSeBaLlKiD7213512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

really, who cares about DLC for an overhyped game that nobody plays...

and I rather have a superior version than a DLC for 2 extra hours for a game that I barely play anymore plus with new better games coming out for PS3. Plus ape007 was talking about devs not taking advantage of Blu-ray, not which version has DLC. Therefore the PS3 version is superior in terms on graphics and color

ape0073512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I had gta 4 on ps3 5 months before the buying it on 360

finished it,played it a lot on ps3,then,after buying it on 360....BOOM

the 360 version of gta 4 plays,looks,perfoms,feels much better than the crippled,the badly ported ps3 version

framrate,resolotion,graphics, AA,smothness,details is much better on 360,the 360 vesrion of gta 4 is the defintive vesrion,not casue of the dlc,ps3 gta 4 looks so blur,have nasty framrate,horrible AA,ghosting,looks so washed out,it runs like crap,believe me,gta 4 is maybe the worst port of this generation,Rockstar said that cause 90% of the gta fan base is ps owners,beleive me(I know you won't)

im saying the truth

and the gta 4 dlc is very good and how the hell nobody play it,didn't you see the recent xbox live activity,gta 4 is @ no.6

again the ps3 version of gta 4 is almost crippled,go and try it on 360 for a minute

HDgamer3512d ago

The truth is subjective and pretty much your opinion. I can say the pc is much better than all three versions.

The_Zeitgeist3512d ago

I still say GTA 4 was better on the PS3. DLC aside it had a better frame-rate and colors.

Jinxstar3512d ago

@ Ape.

it is all even from what I remember. The 360 has smoother Textures but more pop up. I remember seeing them flying the the Helicopter and the PS3 rendered things way faster and earlier but the 360 had less color range while the PS3 had more freezes(Fixed by patch)... It all levels out though depending...

I personally think the Exclusive content will make it to the PS3 eventually(Just look at Ninja Gaiden 2 or Bioshock or Mass Effect) Same with Fall out 3 and everrything else minus Halo and gears(Maybe). Pending I care then i may get it. It's already been out over a year and were only just now seeing it...

ape0073512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

look at the disagrees

this place is run by ps3 fanboys

it's like saying that im lying


thank god I have my "clean" brain,I hope I don't get corrupted

sad,really sad

i love my ps3,I wish gta 5 is build and exclusive to ps3,blu ray makes the difference but I have to say the truth

silvacrest3512d ago

i agree with you ape
some people defend there console of choice blindly, like they work for microsoft/sony/nintendo, i will never understand that way of thinking

on topic, i also think the the 360 version is superior (check my comment history, im no 360 fanboy) but if were talking about the worst version it has to go to the PC

the PC port was schocking, loads of bugs, not really optimizied at all but the frame rate was the biggest issue

evrfighter3512d ago

@ HDgamer

if you knew about pc gaming then you would have known that the GTA4 port to pc was one of the shoddiest console to pc ports released. The specs required for it outdo crysis and R* said themselves it's because it's a "next-gen". Any pc gamer that knows his hardware knows that R* is full of sh*t.

SprSynJn3512d ago

You are being disagreed with because it is apparent you are pulling those 'facts' out of your rear. It is also apparent that you tell yourself the other version is superior when you play it, despite it not being so. What you need to do is throw out actual facts instead of biased dribble. Then someone might agree with you.

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SlamVanderhuge3512d ago

Yeah...Blu-Ray is what is keeping it from being cut. Shame...PS3 has some cool games.

cain1413512d ago

To be honest, my TV isn't good enough for bluray... I really don't see as much as a difference as I would if I had a amazing TV...

Lucreto3512d ago

Its the price of progress. The price will be reduced soon.

happyface3512d ago

price will only get reduced after its too late

why will anyone buy a $199 ps3 when the next xbox and wii are out?

sony fans should start hyping up the ps4

mint royale3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

The ps3 has enough going for it. Its not all about sales. I think we need to set up N4B - news 4 bankers. Alot of people will find a home there! :)

No offence Happyface.

pain777pas3512d ago

@ Happyface, I had a sad face when 8 months after I bought a 360 premium no elites at the time for a lot of money I got extra controller, wheel for Forza, battery packs and wifi and it breaks down? M$ will have to wait for my money I will not invest in a new console from them until I hear a year and a halfs worth of good feedback from you guys no PR person or Eb games/gamestop associates will twist my arm again I learned my lesson all too well. I really had high hopes for the system and they deflated me and now I want quality for my money.

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predator3512d ago

for me I don't give a rats arse if there is a price cut or not down to the fact that I have a PS3, all I care about is games...bring me UNCHARTED 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cain1413512d ago

A price cut still affects you... More PS3's sold, more income for devlopers on PS3 games...

raztad3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Yeah, but the PS3 is selling pretty well w/o pricecut. It will sell even better by year end, when all the exclusives scheduled for this year are out, including FFXIII on Japan, that will be crazy. Anyway, PS3 doesnt need to be the first selling console, it just need to sell well enough and developers will make games for it.

That said, I very much doubt you guys know more than Sony about how to manage their business.

SirLarr3512d ago

Really this is the best reason I can think of to have a PS3.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213512d ago

I don't really think Blu-Ray is really keeping them from dropping it because there are many Blu-Ray players that are almost $200 cheaper than PS3... It probably the features that are packed in. Anyway its still a steal for $399 considering that I paid $599+tax for my 60gb