ATI Radeon HD4890 vs Nvidia GeForce GTX275

PCFormat has got its mitts on the Nvidia GeForce GTX275 and has run a whole load of benches: "We've had the HD4890 for a wee while now, and managed to get hold of the AMP! overclocked edition of the Nvidia GeForce GTX275 this very afternoon. So we've put together here a few benchmarks and some intelligent opinion from me [Dave James] on our first impressions with both cards."

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fossilfern3486d ago

Pretty good but still rather go for the cheaper 4890 and OC it a bit but all in all 2 very good cards

TheIneffableBob3486d ago

Wait a month and the prices will be under $200.

dirthurts3486d ago

When comparing the prices, there is no argument that the 4890 is the better bet. Unless your made of cash. Not me.

ThatOneGuyThere3486d ago

they use an overclocked 275 and then a stock how about they test both cards at stock. no factory OC mumbo jumbo.