Alibaba: Will OnLive Kill The Game Console?

From the article: "The catch: The online game service has to move the data from the server hosting the game to the user, and back, quick enough that a gamer won't notice any lag between his input and what he sees on the screen.

Crack that problem, however, and a number of others go away. There's no need for gamers to invest in a pricey console. No need to upgrade, either. Games hosted on servers can't be pirated. And Perlman says he'll be able to offer game developers a fatter slice of the revenues than they can get by working with retail channels stuffed with middlemen."

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Maticus3578d ago

In the same way that TV killed the radio I expect. In other words, no, as both can exist in harmony IMO.

DNAgent3578d ago

It will only kill the xbox & future xbox consoles as most of the "exclusives" are on PC anyways. You can still have a PS3/PS4 and OnLive or even a Wii/next Nintendo console and OnLive.

OnLive will basically put it back to a 2 console market between Sony & Nintendo as Microsoft's Xbox & future consoles will be overrun by OnLive.

kurochi3578d ago

there are no caps for your broadband services and the basic dl/up ratio is at around 50/20 Mbps.... which will happen about 10 years down the road or so..... LOL

_Q_3578d ago

I just wanted to comment cuz i really like that reaper pic.

mgirl3578d ago

Enough with these stupid opinion-based OnLive articles already. Get some new facts before you say it'll kill everything- right now, it's just another Phantom.

N4g_null3578d ago

The facts are right in front of you. It works with 5 meg connections. How many people you know have that? AT&t has a 15 meg connection coming but I'm not sure how much they charge for that in a recession.