Next MMO headed to Xbox Live confirmed?

Microsoft is supposedly finalizing a new MMO model for Xbox Live which is said to allow LoTRO and other MMO online games work with the structure of Xbox live. Turbine, LoTRO's development team, responded to the rumors about the possibility of their MMO heading to Xbox Live. A company spokesperson confirmed they are in fact working on an MMO for the next generation consoles but did not comment on the Lord of The Rings Online rumor.

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CrAppleton3489d ago

So.. not confirmed, but MIGHT be a Lord of the Rings MMO on 360? BAD ASS!

bgrundman3489d ago

I have never been a Tolkien fan... too much walking in his books.

Anon19743489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I didn't think rgp games did all that well on the 360 overall.
Personally, I'd never play enough to justify those fees. I'm not shelling out for XBL and extra money for each game. I already bought your damn game for $60. The least you can do is throw up a couple of servers so I can play my game online for that price.

ceedubya93489d ago

That's a fair assessment. But, I think the RPG market on the 360 will be determined by the type of RPG (The obvlivion and Mass Effect types do well here) and how big a JRPG franchise is.

The majority of the 360 JRPGs haven't set the world on fire, but most don't anyway, regardless of the console. Let's take the PS3 for instance. How many of its JRPGs have done REALLY well so far? I'm sure not many despite some good quality there.

However, as far fees go, I'm on board with you there. This is what worries me about these types of games on the 360. If I'm alrady paying to play on live, why would I want to pay extra on top of that for just one game.....and a game that i'm not sure I can devote all my time to? I have Final Fantasy XI for my 360 and it collects dust right now just for those reasons.

I will admit though, that I am at least interested in Champions Online for the 360 and DC Universe for the PS3.

Bnet3433489d ago

I don't to pay more fees Microsoft ... Unless I can play these MMO's for free then ok.

7thNightvolley3489d ago

if no additional charges.

bring a game like WoW or some big leveling up game that i can explore with friends i would so happily play it like hell..

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CrAppleton3489d ago

What's with that pic of froto? LMAO

Neco5123489d ago

yeah thats an amazing pic!

MacGyver133489d ago

i agree, i couldnt have made a better selection of a picture for this story.

Obama3489d ago

Lord of the ring: The Red rings of death is the new mmo they are talking about.

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bgrundman3489d ago

Final Fantasy XI didn't work all that well on Xbox Live. What makes them think it will be any different this time?

CrAppleton3489d ago

Yeah.. you're right.. but FFXI didn't work well anywhere.. who knows.. maybe it'll take off

BLaZiN PRopHeT3489d ago

cuz that game came out years ago?

Neco5123489d ago

good point, that game did come out a long time ago now

Maticus3489d ago

It depends, LOTRO is a different game, they might implement it completely differently too. And things have moved on a lot since they made FF for the Xbox.

I hope they do it, maybe Blizzard will think about putting their next MMO on console too then!

MacGyver133489d ago

i dont think that this game in itself is too much to be excited about but the fact that Xbox Live has and is working on a model to allow other MMO games onto their service is what should be looked at more closely and have more anticipation.

Baka-akaB3489d ago

huh FFXi worked pretty well considering it's console origin . And it's still going strongly .
But i guess but some people's silly standards and logic only WoW is a success then .

rob60213489d ago

If you want your MMO to be over 10 gb, How big is the 360 userbase that actually has a >20GB hard drive? It is probably very small. MMOs are made to expand and the 360 just doesn't cut it with 13gb. (That's all you get to actually use on a 20gb hard drive) It's sad that you have to buy a new hard drive through microsoft so they can profit off you - just so you can get an overpriced decent size hard drive.

It's likely that FFXI was ruined in the latest expansions because Square-enix had to introduce less new areas because they're already close to maxing out the 13gb allowable space on a 20gb 360. Instead of new expansions you get new 'storylines.' Because they don't want to leave their 360 user base behind.

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reluctant_gamer3489d ago

I'm scared now... Another way to waste more money on MMOs, not that I've actually played any.

Neco5123489d ago

there's always a way to waste money on gaming, and MMOs have that down to a science

Maticus3489d ago

It's not a waste if you enjoy it :)

MacGyver133489d ago

i agree, the extra money is not always a bad thing when you take into account the constant updates and fixes that are being done by the games developers, alot of the time they make the game that much more enjoyable.

warfed3489d ago

When I played eqoa(ps2) back in the day I didn't buy a single ps2 game for 2003 it did cost $15/month but I saved money by not buying other games because the game kept me so busy.

OhReginald3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

loved that game. My brother and i each had a ps2 and were playing it in the same room. I had a ogre warrior and my bro had a dark elf shadow knight....good times...

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creeping judas3489d ago

I currently play LOTRO, and it is a fantastic MMO. So if they were to bring this over to xbox, I would cancel my PC version and so start from the begining!!!

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