XboxInsider - Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned DLC Review

Jason Hawkins of Xboxinsider writes: "1600 points is a lot of money to shell out for anything that isn't a full game. In this case though, and as is a rare case with much of the DLC available, the money is more than worth the content you receive. The sheer content is this DLC pack is ridiculous.

The DLC focusses on another character in Liberty City. You have met him before if you have played GTA 4 all the way through, but have probably never taken notice of him, it's no surprise. Even in my second playthrough he had a sort of "blink and you'll miss it" appearance. You will have met him in the missions "Blow Your Cover" and "Museum Piece"; that man is the Lost MC biker, Johnny Klebitz. I find that Johnny as a character is a bit bland. Some of his character development (including with his 'love interest' Ashley) is interesting, but I find he lacks the depth of Niko Bellic, the protagonist from GTA 4. Niko is not the poster-boy of emotion, but he has some depth; I found it hard to sympathise with Johnny as a character."

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