Sony's Latest Hallucination: The PS2 Competes With The Wii (SNE)

Eric Krangel from Business Insider writes:

Earlier this week, Sony (SNE) cut the prices of its somewhat outdated PS2, to about $100.

Sony's John Koller says it's about competing with Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii:

"I think you can look at the PS2 as the competitor to the Wii," he said. "If you look at the technology and types of games launching for the Playstation 2, it lines up much closer to the Wii than the Wii does to next generation consoles And the Playstation 2 has a significant advantage in terms of broader consumer appeal."

Sorry, John. The PS2 doesn't compete with the Wii.

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Zeus Lee3488d ago

True,it should be the other way 'round;the Wii isn't competing with the Ps2,seeing as how the Ps2 has 100 Million more consoles out there.

mint royale3488d ago

IN your comparison the ps3 and the 360 don't have a cat in hells chance of competing with the ps2 either! Sony has shipped 137 million ps2's which is fantastic. The wii has shipped around 50 million which aint bad either and eventually it will catch up to a similar level. Go Nintendo and Sony!

chaosatom3488d ago

how do they come up these headlines???

IdleLeeSiuLung3488d ago

lol.... the headline although slightly misplaced is funny.

Unfortunately, the PS2 isn't in the price range of the Wii to compete. They are more likely to compete with the 360 Arcade.

phosphor1123488d ago

The PS2 has broken a record that can never be broken, but now in a time of technology, in which things are a lot cheaper to make and such, its easy to sell technology. The Wii has done very well so far in sales, but it's not going to be known for its quality titles like the PS2, not yet atleast.

Oh, and this headline makes me want to choke someone.

Anon19743488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

What John actually said is the cheaper PS2 had the potential to cut into SOME of the Wii's market share.
Now, he didn't say the PS2 would overtake the Wii, he didn't say the PS2 would suddenly make a huge dent in Wii sales. All he said is it would have SOME impact. You'd have to be a complete moron to not agree with that.

When someone walks into a store with $500 looking to pick up a PS3 they don't go "Hey! A PS2? Well, I don't need all those fancy features!" and walk out with the PS2.
However, if you're picking up a Wii you're not in the market for HD graphics and the lastest cutting edge games and online anyway. Otherwise you'd be picking up either a 360 or a PS3. So it's pretty safe to assume that if HD, decent online and cutting edge games don't matter to you - the PS2 and the Wii both offer about the same graphics and gameplay. Difference is, one is much cheaper and has a huge and lower cost library of games.
If you don't think Wii buyers would look twice at a PS2, I just don't know what to say to you.

Finally..."Sony traditionally has positioned itself as the top-of-the-line brand (it still tries to with its PS3...and given the PS3's ongoing lack of traction..."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the PS3 catching on with consumers at a much faster rate than the 360 ever did? Are they not in virtual tie with the 360 worldwide for the last 2 years despite the higher price point? Low-end TV's sell better than Hi-End TV's as well but no one stacks those sales against each other and says "Hi-End TV's should be the same price as Low-End. They're getting hammered!"

Perhaps this guy needs to go back to writing articles about how badly the PS3 needs a price cut and how we should all rush out and download the new Internet Explorer. He certainly seems to be flying in the face of actual real world data and common sense in this article.

Aquanox3488d ago

The Wii is selling at the fastest pace ever seen in the videogame industry and that includes the Playstation 2. Not that I like the console but the truth is, no console can compete with the Wii hardware-wise.

In terms of software, especially third party, it's a whole different story.

mint royale3488d ago

Although I do agree with the sentiment. There are 2 ways in my mind this can be looked at. Considering the wii's potential customers, the ps2 could nab those away looking for the cheapest an most acessable way of entering the market. Alternatively many wii consumers are not buying the wii necessarily for the price but for the brand. The wii brand is perhaps the strongest we have seen in gaming and I hold more credibility to this argument than the price argument if you look at the 360.

The 360 offers an alternative to the wii in a similar way the ps2 does (cheaper entry price and a superior library of games compared to the wii). But even so it hasn't managed to stop it. If the ps2 happened to be a motion control machine in a similar vein to the wii then it would stand a good chance of cutting into the wii's market because then it would be more of a direct competitor.

CobraKai3488d ago

The Wii is nowhere near the league of the PS2. If they were to accept the fact that the Wii and PS2 were competitors, then the PS2 has already dominated with no mercy. The games on the PS2 still trumps most true next gen games.

creamydingle3488d ago

One thing is for sure the ps2 has better graphics then the wii.

FlameBaitGod3488d ago

Thats professional journalism for you

Mahr3488d ago

"When someone walks into a store with $500 looking to pick up a PS3 they don't go "Hey! A PS2? Well, I don't need all those fancy features!" and walk out with the PS2."

Why not? That was exactly what I did last Black Friday.

TapiocaMilkTea3488d ago

It's not competing with the Wii.
There are three very different consoles right now:
PS2 - Cheap, huge library of quality games.
Wii - Casual gamers, fun, innovative.
PS3/Xbox - Higher end, good graphics, latest tech.

nsky1713488d ago

The main difference between the Wii and the Ps2 is in the controls. If Sony can add in a Wiimote like controller, and/or push for better Eye Toy games it should be able to compete with the Wii easily.

CommonSense3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

explain to me how you can go around saying that 360 is only beating ps3 in sales because it had a year head start. but at the exact same time you make the argument that wii can't compete with ps2 because it has sold more... lol. you do realize ps2 didn't have a one year head had 6+

i wish you knew how childish you sound when you react this way

ps2 is exactly what the guy said in this article. it's a budget system. a console for broke people..or ppl who were unfortunate enough to get stuck with a ps3 40gb and didn't realize they got stiffed outta ANY backwards compatibility (not even emulators for the more popular ps2 titles). you all will just blindly defend any sony product. you have to realize how ridiculous it is to try to compare Wii to PS2 and yet you argue these points anyway. i don't get it.
and as far as a graphics comparison...come on now. ps2 didn't even look as good as gamecube.

Dragun6193487d ago

You know Honestly, I have no clue how Sony is Hallucinating when they merely dropped the price for PS2 and said

Koller went on to congratulate Nintendo on what he called a "tremendous success story", but added that he thinks that there is an opportunity for the Playstation 2 to "steal some share base with this price and game line up."

Quote "He Thinks that there is an Opportunity." I agree, PS2 is still selling, not selling as much as the other consoles but it is still selling and to lower the price and support it with more games is enough for it to at least gain some share base from the Wii.

In other news, Microsoft's latest delusion, Arron Greenburg recently stated that Final Fantasy 13 will sell better on Xbox360.
talk about being delusional and hallucinating eh

kwicksandz3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

They must past the hallucinogens around like candy at sony HQ

Ps2 comepting with wii
Ps3 text chat... lol
psp turnaround in 09

You keep on trucking sony!

Gantrfaxx3487d ago

I would definitely rather buy Ps2 than Wii. Ps2 still has the best library of games.

Biphter3486d ago

Then yes, the PS2 DOES compete with the Wii. The Wii is a repackaged Gamecube (2001 tech) with a fancy controller. All Sony have to do is repackage the PS2 in a new casing, give it a completely different name, add the motion controller and it would be a cheaper alternative to the Wii...... If Sony had any money making sense they'd have done this 2 years ago, problem is, they don't want to make the PS3 seem insignificant.

The crazy thing is that Sony could have very easily done this back in the early development time of PS3 and called the repackaged PS2 a PS3... thats all Nintendo have done but instead of calling it Gamecube 2 they called it Wii (Im glad they didn't, bu tthey could have).

This generation isn't ONE generation in hardware terms, but a mix of last and current

Last gen: -


Current Gen: -

Xbox 360

All 4 platfroms are selling enough to warrant current gen status, but PS2 gets classified last gen and Wii current gen simply because of release date and how the owning companies position their status' even thought hardware wise they ate very similar specced. Nintendo were very, very clever with Wii. Sony COULD have been clever with PS2 hardware (Repackaging it to form a new machine at an insanely cheap price), but decided to push PS3 as we see it today. I'm glad Sony were "Dumb" because I love the PS3 as it is today, I hate the Wii because it breaks all the rules and from now on all consoles created won't necessarily have the latest tech in them to drive sales. Basically hardware will stagnate because Nintendo have proven you don't need it to get sales.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 may well be the last in terms of how a next gen console pushes the latest bleeding edge technology. Don't be suprised if PS4 and Xbox 720 are basically repackaged PS3 and Xbox 360's with gimnmick controllers.

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GiantEnemyFlop3488d ago

the ps2 alradey kick the 360 a$$ in japan

the wii is next

Elven63488d ago

Because the 360 was so King of the Castle in Japan right before right?

With over 100 million units already sold is their much market left for the PS2? Anyone who wanted one probably already has one, anyone who gets one know either wants a secondary one or never played the system before (probably a small portion considering the huge install base).

LiquifiedArt3488d ago

And the Wii has a long-long way to go before it gets to the ps2 status. Nintendo did a 'do-over' of last generation with the wii. I also agree that with a bit of a marketing push the PS2 will stay relevant.

raztad3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


You made a good point about Wii selling more third-party games, but are you talking about shovelware or quality games? I really dont know. My point is that the Wii is marketed to oldies and fatties first (WiiFit anyone?) and then kids and parents (Mario Bros, Pokemon and Wii sport). WiiFit is what makes the Wii sucesful, and that people are not buying video games. Nintendo is pretty happy "supporting" the Wii with 0 games, oh wait, you got a remake of Zelda. My point is that if the "support" is so negligeble right now can't you expect it get better later.

And BTW, HD is not relevant for the people with only SD tvs. Once you watch a BD movie the first time or played a good game on 720p you cant go back to 480i.

TheRealSpy3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

i dont' really get your argument. in fact, i don't really get many of the arguments being presented here.

first of all, wii doesn't have any games? 0? i guess you conceded zelda to the wii fans. well how about mario galaxy? lotta magazines and websites game it game of the year. how about mario kart? 15 million sales? or SSB? 8-9 million sales. and wii fit with like a billion. i'm not saying all these games appeal to the hardcore, but you can hardly say they don't have good games. someone likes them.

now i see what point you are trying to make. you're saying the ppl buying these games aren't real gamers...or "hardcore." well...except neither are people buying ps2. wouldn't hardcore gamers keep up with the current generation? experiencing the new games? YES! they are buying ps3 and 360. the hardcore is taken care of. so who's buying PS2? the casuals. the people who don't really game much anymore, or are trying to enter gaming and it's their first system. and it's true when the guy that wrote this article says ps2 is more hardcore game wise. it has epics. it has long games that take hours of investment. wii has pick up and play titles. so when you take that into consideration, you realize wii is tapping the casual market, the same market that, without wii, would probably buy a 99 dollar ps2. and to some degree, this will help boost ps2 sales for a while. but in the long wrong, casual gamers are going to opt for the more current system with games and easy to use controls that appeal more to their interests.

EDIT: oh, and by the way...the comment about wii appealing to fatties. umm...have you ever stood in line at a midnight launch? that's a pretty huge portion of the community. and you don't have to be out of shape to enjoy wii can also be in really good shape and have someone film you for youtube.

Godmars2903488d ago

Forget that the Wii can't compete with the PS2 as a DVD player.

mint royale3488d ago

Yes it will. The userbase ensures it will not your fanboyish thoughts.

Serjikal_Strike3488d ago

another 8-10 more years? LMAO...
its not fanboyism..its the truth...Nintendo will be putting out a new system in about 2-3 years..

mint royale3488d ago

the wii will still be supported just like the ps2 was. Seriously I didn't think it was that hard to comprehend.

Serjikal_Strike3488d ago

the Gamecube or gameboy? I think not!
its just like microsoft..they ditched the original xbox when the 360 came out...
thats one of the reasons i give credit to sony for not doin that to the ps2 owners when the ps3 came out

mint royale3488d ago

come on you can't be that delusional I gave you the benefit of the doubt at first.

The market leader is ALWAYS supported the longest and that won't change. Look at how long Nintendo supported the NES and the SNES. The gamboy was constantly supported throughout its current iterations. The gamecube was not supported for more than 5 years because there was no market for it.

THe original xbox too was a generation loser and consequently they updated to the 360. Its just the way it is.

The ps1 and ps2 were supported for a long time because they had the biggest userbases just like the NES and the SNES. Its not a company thing its a market thing. Demand is what drives comapny's actions.

raztad3488d ago


Question to you buddy.

What means support? Isn't it about making games for the platform? I mean, if the Wii right now, selling a lot, specially in NA is begging for some decent games, and when those games comes (from third parties) all flops. How can you expect the Wii will be supported in 5 years, if everybody will have a HD tv by the time?

mint royale3488d ago

if people still play and buy wii games. 3rd parties will continue making wii games - more 3rd party games were sold on the wii last year than the 360 or ps3. So yes IMO it will get supported. If you talk about quality of games well that is different but still all subjective. I love my HD games but the amount of crap people talk about the wii from people thinking they know the market (the same people who no doubt doubted the wii's success in the first place) is ridiculous.

Godmars2903488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

You mean like how they're remaking all of the popular GC games for the Wii, giving them waggle, even though those games are already playable?

Are you expecting old Wii games will forward compatibility with an HD model?

Mr Fancy Pants3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

The problem here is not that "Hi-def freak" is a fanboy or that "mint royale" is a delusional moron it is just that everybody is expressing their own opinions and there's no way to prove it wrong because nobody here sees the future!

The Wii could last 10 years in the same way that it could die next year...

avantgarde843488d ago

You must remember Nintendo has stated that the Wii will be around for a long time and that Nintendo has said that their console life spans will increase from the now 5 year mark. Nintendo is bringing out old updated Gamecube games due to the fact that alot of them went unnoticed last gen and there is still money to be made with those games.

This is all a business and the sooner you see this the more youll understand that the Wii is going to shape what other consoles do next gen.
The next Playstation or Xbox will not be like they are today, where its carved its niche in the hardcore this gen you will see a different approach next gen. You dont think Sony or Microsoft want the kind of money Nintendo is making?
You guys act as if you really think Sony or Microsoft give a hoot about where there money comes from, unfortunately Sony and Microsoft botht thought that the hardcore were going to be where the money was this gen and instead Nintendo went in the opposite direction where there was no competition. They went and saw a blue ocean for them to explore where no one else was going and took that route.

If people honestly think the Wiis sales wont reach the ps2's you must not know business and what is shaping up. The mass market are always about user experience not tech this is the case as to why the Ipod out sells its competition while not having the biggest storage or highest quality bitrate to there songs that are purchased through itunes. People buy the Ipod not due to hype or trend or fad but through Apples interface , which is the exact reason why the mass market is buying the Wii.

The Ps2 is only around because Sony's Ps3 isnt selling aswell as they thought it would and they need a crutch. The Ps2 would not be seeing the kind of backing it still is by Sony if this wasnt the case.

The Wii will be here for awhile and will prolly get updates to increase its life span and we might also see a hd up-convertor to shut the graphics whores up. Look again to the Ipod, does it ever get a massive update? never it gets minor tech tweaks, increased user interface, and a different shape. You will see this same business model be applied to the Wii.

Apple has proven that you dont need crazy tech in a product for it to sell and what people really want is user experience. Hell look at the Ipod......the most expensive one is the cost of a Wii and people are still buying it. Nintendo will follow this trend till the Wii is washed up. When that happens youll see the wii in all its combined iterations grab 200 million consoles sold.

Mr Fancy Pants3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

avantgarde84, you really know how to use logic! There should be more people like you in N4G... ;-D

Godmars2903488d ago

The question isn't weather or not the Wii will be around, but in what form.

How many versions of the Gameboy are there? The DS? Those handhelds had legs and look how they were run into the ground. With the Wii's two main shortcomings no DVD movie player, being non-HD, how many iterations are we going to see?

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