Playable Killzone ad hints at Killzone 3 tech

The playable version of the US Killzone 2 commercial gives us a glimpse behind the technology of Guerilla Games' next game.

A playable version of the US Killzone 2 advertisement went live on the PlayStation Store yesterday (at least in the States), which allows you to spin around the camera, slow down the action, and also turn effects on and off. All of which gives you an insight into the engine Guerrilla Games created for the PlayStation 3.

Although Behind the Bullet runs in real-time on the PlayStation 3, it does feature effects that can't be found in the retail game itself.

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dustgavin3488d ago

Judging by the graphics and effects in Killzone 2, part 3 is going to be pretty damn amazing.

theKiller3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

different planets and maybe it will have more natural environment, i only wished to see some plants and snow in killzone 2!

so am sure they will push the limits high for the natural environment in killzone 3, i have a feeling it will be better than crisis in that department!

killzone 2 deserves to be the game of the year in the FPS genre if it was not taken by modern warfare 2!

finally my wish that killzone 3 and the series will be like star wars in such a way that there will be many planets involved in the conflict like the empire in star wars!

Kleptic3488d ago

overall I have close to 100 hours playing killzone 2...most of which online...and every time I fire the game up it still blows me away visually...

haven't downloaded this tech thing...i'll try it when I get home...

RememberThe3573488d ago

It's pretty damn cool. I'd recommend listening to the commentary, as well. They play by pressing circle.

STONEY43488d ago

If you hear all the different commentary, they say that the ad was using an updated build of the engine, not the same build from the game. Looking at how much they improved in such a short time, Killzone 3 is gonna look amazing.

squidyj3488d ago

A lot of what they improved wouldn't be possible in-game. But the detail surface would be nice and apparently they're working on getting accurate planar reflections going (the puddle was faked for the ad but in the future it sounds like they'll have it nailed down).

I am going to say that in some places the "just-lighting" buffer looked a might bit more impressive than it did with the textures on, the post-process was very welcome but sometimes it seems that the textures were so dark and muddy that they simply obscured the fidelity.

Marcelles253488d ago

if you actually listen he says because the commercial was shot in slow motion alot of things couldn't be done like the explosions from the guns because they are usually really fast so the just modified it for the commercial nothing was "updated" the puddle thing im not sure about tho

STONEY43488d ago

Two of the commentary guys were talking about how they improved the character models, like making the clothes have a really detailed texture so you can see the individual threads, making the Narville's eyeball reflect what he was seeing, and other things.

Marcelles253486d ago

the only reason was because the scout moved away from the bullet so they needed to. its not an engine update they just needed to fix it for the commercial

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xg-ei8ht3488d ago

Yep the ad is excellent, i was messing around with it last night. I love the post processing fx, but prefered the colour without the fx which was warmer.

I thought the water in killzone 2 was fine. But didn't really do anything when walked in etc. I guess as they weren't using this much ingame, they didn't invest alot of time into it.

So i'd expect to see alot of new things in killzone3.

CobraKai3488d ago

I still can't believe that trailer was in real time. Whether some of the effects were there because it wasn't actual gameplay, to me, was moot because it was still being rendered by the PS3 itself. I wouldn't mind if they used this engine for enhanced cutscenes for the next game.

nefertis3488d ago

Kz2 is just a warm-up for gg I can't wait until Kz3

RememberThe3573488d ago

they said Killzone 2 was a learning experience, and that they weren't able to actually implement all of the things they learned. I can't wait to see what else the Killzone 2 engine can do in later games.