EA gives inside line on Wii MotionPlus

Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods 10 producers talk up new Nintendo tech...

EA Sports developers explain the benefits of Nintendo's new Wii MotionPlus controller add-on...

TechRadar recently tried out early preview versions of EA Sports' first two titles that make use of Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus controller tech, Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

Both titles are out this coming June and we have to admit to being mightily impressed by the control and responsiveness offered by Nintendo's new controller dongle.

We quizzed the producers of both games to find out a little more about their own thoughts on Wii MotionPlus. Read on...

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zoydwheeler3485d ago

I genuinely cannot wait to get both of these games. Finally, the Wii is looking like motion-control is set to offer a lot more than mere gimmickry...

3484d ago
Calcio3485d ago

Sounds awesome. Wii as it should be. Bring on the WiiBowling!

3484d ago
mchax3485d ago

Really interesting article. If its over-sensitive though,it might mean that the games will be too difficult to play. At least if you had never played Wii Sports before, you could start playing it with no hassle pretty much straight away.

ChickeyCantor3485d ago

" If its over-sensitive though,it might mean that the games will be too difficult to play."

Thats why they limited some of the input to keep it "playable" for userinput in mind.

Cajun Chicken3485d ago

I bought a Wii secondhand for the mass potential MotionPlus has in the near future.

Calcio3485d ago

It could actually take some of the major disappointments and make them better. Force Unleashed as it should have been perhaps?

Cajun Chicken3485d ago

Just in general and I pretty much like the Wii in it's current form too, lot of good games coming in, just chose the right time to jump in about 4 weeks ago or so. But I can see some potentially very clever things done with MotionPlus.

Yeah, this sounds really good. Could make the Wii into a whole new console.

Torch3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

FACT: I was one of the suckers who bought a launch model Wii with the blind assumption that the console already had motion control equivalent to what the MotionPlus is claiming to offer.

Wasn't I bitterly surprised soon after I first booted up Wii Boxing.

Although I'll likely pick up a MotionPlus attachment if it does actually deliver on it's claim, but I can't help but feeling a little bitter about paying for movement control which should have been there to begin with.

Does anyone know if a suggested price has been announced yet?

3484d ago