Strategy Informer: A Few Short of a Shooter

Strategy Informer writes: "Last year I played Half-Life for the first time. I was on a bit of a spending spree at Gamestop and passing through the used games section I spotted a copy of the PS2 port for twelve bucks. It wasn't the best port I've ever played, precision aiming was almost impossible thanks to some control problems, but overall it was still a good console based shooter and thanks to the still solid build of the single player campaign it kept me occupied for a good ten to fifteen hours. I remember playing Operation: Flashpoint; I would spend entire days just going through the same missions over and over again, looking for different ways to play through them. It's been a long time since I've played a shooter that occupied me like that, or rather a single player FPS campaign that inspired me enough that I wanted to play it over, and over again."

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himdeel3487d ago

...don't click unless you want to read about what he didn't like and listen to him complain. Particularly if you enjoyed K2 the link is not really worth bothering with.

If you really didn't enjoy K2 and think it's a generic boring shooter click the link, you'll find some commonality.

Salta_nelas3487d ago

Seriously, i ve never seen a game under such scrutinity as KZ2.

It´s getting way out of hand.

dj555555553487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

what a generic and dull article

Im sure if Kllzone was multi platform or a 360 exclusive most of these wouldn't exist