Heavenly Sword 1080p Cinematic Trailer

The now famous video "Cinematic Production" of Heavenly Sword is back again, this time in 1080p for your pleasure. And since it hasn't been encoded by a slightly retarded intern this time, it looks great!

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techie4287d ago

Still looks good, but will look a lot better since that's from November build and we have seen the strides they've made and the strides they have announced on their forum. One of the most wanted games for me.

That and Assassins Creed. I don't know why people saying it's dropped off the radar because it's not "exclusive". It's dropped off the radar because they havent released anything about it and they have also put it on the backburner...til 2007/08

SmokeyMcBear4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )

yeah.. that trailer looks awesome, should be a good game for the ps3. This motion cap seems like a really good step towards the future.. I wonder how sony will integrate that whole idea into its first party games.. hmmm.. what to do with all these movie studios.. what to do.. what to do.

ae man.. whats it doing here, it wasnt a reply.. doh

Contra264287d ago

and DMC is now for 360

techie4287d ago

Well noted youngen. you can go and read about what i think about that on that post, not here you spammer

Kyur4ThePain4287d ago

Enjoy all the "old" PS exclusives while we get a whole round of new ones.

techie4287d ago (Edited 4287d ago )


grifter0244287d ago

haha You lost a bubble DB hehe.. Funny well then again you had some to spare anyway... Plus you really like to change your avatar's dont you what is this the 5? Cool.... THe game does look good but the hair still looks stiff... Hope they can fix that a bit more... I mean the Doa 4 hair looked ugly so Kinda hoping DEv's can fix this whole hair problem... Pretty good game for the ps followers... Guess this is an incentive since GOW2 is on the ps2.

techie4287d ago

I lost it days ago...cant remember wat for. The hair will look good. It looks good now, it's all about shading now. But I like the artisitc style, it's actually very hard to pull that kind of sh*t off. Most characters have no hair (kratos), non-moving hair (prince) or a pony tail (tomb raider) I love the way they are doing this. So f*cked up!

grifter0244287d ago

I actually meant how stiffed it looked in the Trailer... Plus it looked real ugly when it showed a closeup of her face.. I mean her face looked good but the hair needs a lot more work.... But they still got some time hopefully it owrkds out.

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