Penny-Arcade Blows Smoke at PS3 Firmware Announcement

StalkingSilence of PSLS writes:
"It seems like getting grilled by the guys at Penny-Arcade is more of an honor than an embarassment these days (many victims of their comic strips order a framed copy to cherish). This time they take on Eric Lempel's PS3 firmware 2.70 announcement and give us a peek at what's to come in the PS3's future. While it's all in good fun, I personally think the firmware is a step in the right direction and I welcome any addition to the PS3's capabilities. Do any of you think 2.70 was a major technological disappointment or are you excited to see where the firmware takes us next?"

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StalkingSilence4934d ago

Shoulda been holding a SIXAXIS in the comic, but it's all good. I love their art style. Could be more exact, but the caricature feel that it was quickly done is great.

DERKADER4934d ago

They forgot to make fun of the 32 character limit and the terrible censoring.

Megaton4934d ago

Hah, I posted this at GameTrailers and the official PS forums last night when I saw it. Love Penny Arcade.

UnwanteDreamz4934d ago

This website reporting on a comic is lame though.

ceedubya94934d ago

Seriously though, any updates, no matter how small or pointless just show that the service is trying to expand and evolve. Can't complain about that.

Panthers4934d ago

Text chat is a great way to call stuff out on Socom lol.

7thNightvolley4934d ago

with the smoke signal stuff.. lool 3 smoke puffs means... "dude behind u!" in while playing killzone2

Zeus Lee4934d ago

I don't understand the people that are claiming the firmware is a disappointment,what were you led to BELIEVE by parties OTHER THAN Sony?

PirateNinjaBunny4934d ago

Rumors were running rampant about a mythical 2.70 release.
Sony released 2.70

What they should have done to fend off the frenzy was change the release number. Then people wouldn't see 2.70 and immediately think cross game voice chat. They would see 2.61 and think "hmm I wonder what we have here"

Personally I think they asked for all the bad feedback by sticking to the 2.70 release number.

sofresh2004934d ago

I hope this 2.70 update teaches everyone not to believe in JACK SH*T unless it comes from SONY'S mouth.

pwnsause4934d ago

the text chat is what makes this update disappointing. sure I think we all knew from the start that those supposed patch notes about 2.7 which were "leaked" from the net is fake. The thing is, WTF am I going to do with text chat? it makes it a waste of System ram. They are prioritizing on things that we never asked for. Thats what makes it disapointing.

Baka-akaB4934d ago

well YOU didnt ask for it ... plenty of us did . Of course along more stuff , but still .

I was tired of "email/telegraph" messaging and wanted something close to msn or any live chat system . And now we finally got it , albeit in a quite flawed way .

i'm not overflowing with joy , as it's long overdue , but quite welcome it .

The whiners , to not say another word make me laugh . Everytime it's "it's useless i didnt ask that" , yet i'm sure none of you actually possessing the console would go back to the first firmware , while just waiting for cross invite or voice chat .

Baka-akaB4934d ago

Indeed . Now i'd advise Sony to vehemently dismiss those rumors early on , instead of just sitting there and letting morons get their hopes high and preparing themselves for a big fall .

pwnsause4934d ago

when you said plenty, did you mean the majority? cause you know, the majority didnt want this. especially when they should be prioritizing what the Majority wants. why dont you take a look at this blog and see the S**t show that happened 2 days ago?

Baka-akaB4934d ago

When i say plenty , i say plenty . unlike you i dont pretend to know a number or the majority .

Who put you guys in charge and let decide who is the majority and what they feel about it ?

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creeping judas4934d ago

LOL, at least I can find the humour in that!!
And I own a PS3, and can still laugh at it.

ceedubya94934d ago

Is what is most important :)

Hooby4934d ago

oh wow! You are so rebellious not making a dumb fanboy comment on a site where everything is a fanboy comment!


personally, I think M$ payed PA to write that comic, just like every M$ product that does well!

Now watch as the agrees build up for those who don't get the sarcasm.

Hooby4934d ago

Yes! Anything that doesn't give an A+ to everything sony related sucks!

Gun_Senshi4934d ago

P-A has gone downhill and suck nowdays. Alot of web comics are way better.

Hell even CAD, which is definitly Biased in favour of X360 is way more funny and fun to read.

redsquad4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

Why does there always have to be someone who comes back with the "Yes! Anything that doesn't give an A+ to everything sony related sucks!" cliché whenever they call out something for ANY REASON!

I've thought PENNY ARCADE has been lame and unfunny pretty much from the start. I always thought Satire wass supposed to be funny. PA NEVER is in my view. Nothing to do with whatever their perceived views on Sony are. Stop being so predictable.

Hooby4934d ago

If you think CAD even holds a candle to PA, you lack a functioning brain.

Tony P4934d ago

I think they used to be a lot funnier back before they made the move to game-only strips, but they're still better than a lot comics out there. The art wasn't as good, but the jokes hit much harder.

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