Devil Kings: Battle Heroes - New japanese TV spot

Capcom published a new japanese TV Spot from Devil Kings: Battle Heroes.

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Mandaspt3513d ago

Yep only in Japan for now. The game will be released next week.

Tempist3513d ago

Well as much hilarious fun as Devil King was, it was a Dynasty Warriors knock off.

However, if they do release it in North America, I hope they get Optimious Prime back to be the Devil King.

TenSteps3512d ago

Tempist it wasn't a Dynasty Warriors knock off...

It was a Samurai Warriors knock off which "was" a Dynasty Warriors knock off which inevitably makes it a Dynasty Warriors knock off so I guess you're right and I'm wrong.

Either way I liked this better than both Samurai and Dynasty Warriors because of its over the top representation of the history of Japan. I mean Tadakatsu Honda is Iron Ox and Scorpio is Yukimura Sanada and so on and so on, this would make a fun looking anime.

diefor3513d ago

Seems a interesting game.

Farsendor13513d ago

devil kings for ps2 rocked i loved it. too bad i don't like handheld gaming or i would play this.