Fake World of Warcraft E-mail Strikes Again?

Aimforthehead writes: "After checking our e-mails earlier this morning, we found the following message in our spam tray:


We have a short but important announcement that we wanted to share with our players. World of Warcraft is currently an operation of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (USA), but starting April 14, 2009, the game operator will be Blizzard Entertainment's central European entity, Blizzard Entertainment S.A.S. (France), and will be referred to as such in the game's Terms of Use going forward. Our European office has been an essential part of our global operations since before the launch of World of Warcraft, and this update better reflects its role within our organization, as well as our continued commitment to our European players."

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STK0263486d ago

I get about 7-10 (no joke) emails by fake Blizzard account admin adresses, all asking me for my account info/name/password/etc, claiming I'll get suspended or banned if I don't.

To me, receiving a fake WoW email is something pretty regular, more like a continuos strike than something I could call a second or a third strike. It just never stops.

Montrealien3486d ago

Man, where have you been putting your email address? I have been playing since launch and have never received one email like that.

Mutley4163486d ago

They have a big security issue, 4-5 people in my Clan/Guild have been hacked/Keylogged...I don`t understand why it is so hard to keep WOW secure-


I cant see why poeple play WoW...

Montrealien3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Blizzard does not have huge security issues, at least not as bad as some people will make it up to be. When people get hacked, 95% of the time the real security issue is 12 inches from the screen.

Wondering why you got key logged is like wondering why you got herpies, yet you have been having unprotected sex for 5 years.

reddybrek3486d ago

It certainly revived the genre somewhat. Got a lot of things right.

Raf1k13485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


It didnt just do that though. It has pretty much defined the genre as it is atm (by that i mean the MMORPG genre)

Red Pill3485d ago

I think the people that this would affect are to busy playing wow to care XD

Mutley4163485d ago

Why do people get Keylogged?
when they have anti virus protection?
I really dont know...