GameSpot Review: Broken Sword: Shadows Of The Templars

GameSpot Writes:

"Despite the occasional quirk, the vast majority of the puzzles play out in a pleasantly logical--if occasionally lateral--manner. Of the new puzzles, a substitution cipher and a chess-based puzzle are the most satisfying, and all of them integrate well with the more traditional point-and-click conundrums. One of the new additions is a tiered hint system, so if you do get stuck, help is a stylus-tap away. These tips start with a general piece of advice on where to look next, and they range all the way up to full instructions on how to progress. This system works well on the whole because it lets you progress when stuck without resorting to being fully walked through, and it carries no in-game penalty--though the number of hints taken is listed along with the time played for each save game."

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