What's So Special About The Nintendo DSi?

VGE Utopia adds some much needed thinking power to the DSi situation of why it's so special.

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wotta3487d ago

What annoys me is that games such as GTA Chinatown wars are not compatiable with WPA security, therefore even though the DSi does support this standard, games which were released previously do not.

Does anyone think games will be able to be patched now that the DSi has better online capabilities?

dragunrising3486d ago

I wish, although I doubt it. I don't think there has ever been a patch for even the Wii. I am bummed about the WiFi situation too. I was hoping to be able to play some Mario Kart DS online :-(

XxSpiiKeZxX3486d ago

first of all Nintendo is so late on the "hardware stuff" they just simply copied the psp completely; adding media and a micro sd slot
Though the only plus side is that they added a camera but come on, who wants to pull out a DS to take a picture?
Well anyway the nintendo ds sells so much but the games are crap to me
on the other hand psp just seems so much better to me i mean u have awesome games on it
when i think of nintendo i think of mario, zelda, etc. u now the "kiddy" stuff
I guess Nintendo focused on "appealing" to the non-gamers side just like the Wii which also is late in hardware( the next wii to finally have HD) and how will it take???
O well i still get to play all ds games emulated in PC and at least people are working on a Ds emulator for psp

Its already made but is extremely slow but the game actually runs
yea it wont have the "touch" feature but it works for games like pokemon

Baka-akaB3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

The more people go technical , the less reasons i find to actually switch to a DSi .
i'm only talking about me of course . I know i aint a target and fan of those casual warioware/mario party like stuff nintendo probably got planned with the camera .
And i dont believe it will be properly used in any hardcore game ...

I sure as well won't condone the forced resale via virtual console of games i already own on gba . I'd at least hope Nintendo propose some kind of free dl for those providing a proof of purchase .

As for the added power , i'm against that kind of material upgrade as well . And that goes for the psp too . If you're going to really use it , it means it will create two set of ds/psp users , and then , why not just release a psp2 or ds2 already with or without ds/psp compatibility .

And if it makes no real differences , then whats the point ? (other obviously that relaunching the same machine with no actual real changes)

RememberThe3573486d ago

It has the Nintendo name on it.

I't like "i". You put "i" in front of anything and it will sell. iMac, iPod, iPhone, sh*t if they had an iPen, it sell like shop vacs during flud season.

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The story is too old to be commented.