Sony Cutting new recruits

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sony is getting the best of the best. Consider it a game of attrition.

Here's the bad thing, though: Sony expect to show a ¥260 billion loss in the financial year ending Tuesday. The company has already announced a plan to slash 16,000 jobs.

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ultimolu5052d ago

I expect the "Sony ish doomed!" comments in no time.

xabmol5052d ago

PS3 updates with a few new nice features and we get 2 or 3 articles about PS3 owners getting "The Shaft."

360 updates with no new features and... ... *crickets*

Immortal Kaim5052d ago

This isn't anything out of the norm in this economic climate, everyone is cutting back.

To the guys above. Why are you so cynical :)