Origo Games reveals first trailer for Data-Fly

Origo Games has revealed the first teaser trailer for its upcoming action stealth title, Data-Fly, and PSU teamed up with Origo to give PSU readers an exclusive first look.

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onijutsu3579d ago

lol at the love for the ps3 population

MurderMyDoll3579d ago

Anyone else hate the look of this as much as I do?

onijutsu3579d ago

really i thought it looked a really interesting game, or are you talking graphically?

MurderMyDoll3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Oh I should have been more specific graphically is what I meant. Graphics aside it does look like it could be interesting though.

onijutsu3579d ago

hmm i watched the trailer again i geuss it doesn't look that good, kinda like final fantasy 8 cgi cutscenes at least for the girl anyway.
I think its more of a concept trailer for gameplay.

but yes i would agree graphically it does look bad, at least in terms of the faces.

Agriel3579d ago

I don't think the graphics look bad, just not great or amazing

Statix3579d ago

I'm sorry, but I need to see gameplay. Just like how we're all still waiting (and waiting and waiting...) for the gameplay for WarDevil.

Giriath3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I think character models were in-engine and everything else was CGI. Or maybe everything was CGI and they didn't feel like spending a truck load of money on a short teaser with the very best CGI.

nightelfmohawk3578d ago

I don't. I think it looks awesome.

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Cyrax_873579d ago

so this is a PS3 exclusive?

onijutsu3579d ago

well apparently by the article says that the lead platform is the ps3, so i geuss not. although it doesn't say what other platforms it will come out on...

Giriath3578d ago

Apparently not. But since Origo Games seem hesitant to speak of other platforms, it could be a timed exclusive. Or maybe they're quite far from completion.

Cajun Chicken3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Hmm. I'd be honest, I don't like the new design for the lead character, I swear she looked anime'ish earlier on PSU.

Still VERY interested though...why wasn't this at GDC, despite teasing to be at GDC and what platform status is this at now? Is Origo using PSU to tease a multiplat because of only having the only info on it, or is it a genuine PS3 exclusive?

I'm sort of hoping this is an concept video like what Shiny did with MDK and not recently made.

Agriel3579d ago

from what I understand and what was posted on the PSU message boards, at this moment it is a time PS3 exclusive with the possibility of it coming to PC and 360 later on.

Godmars2903578d ago

Can't even accept the trailer as in-game. Yet.

San Frandisco3579d ago

dont know wut you guys are talking about... i cant wait to see more of this game.
The trailer CGI was greatmaybe not perfect but non da less great.
looks like the game has INCREDIBLE potential,i will keep an eye out for this game forsho!

hmm,i do hope this is ps3 exclusive though.

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The story is too old to be commented.