Getting Off the Windows Bandwagon

Microsoft Windows is everywhere, let's face it. It dominates the market place as the Operating System of choice for corporations that use it throughout the workplace, as well as home users that get it pre-installed on their machines - and rightly so. It scales very well from being a non-tech savvy OS to a work machine capable of integrating into corporate networks and running a lot of administrative tools. Oh, and the fact that it has billions of dollars at its back sure helps a whole lot.

Where is this behemoth heading, though?

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Yi-Long3511d ago

... but as long as Windows works just fine for most people, I doubt they'll ever feel a need to change.

My main problem with Linux is that I'm pretty sure I won't be able to run Photoshop and some other stuff on it. I could be wrong (please tell me if I am), but that's why I'm staying with Vista for now. Plus, TBH, it came with the PC and it works just fine.

verb3k3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

You have 2 solutions:

1-Use GIMP:
2-If gimp doesn't suffice your needs chances are that you will be able to run Photoshop in Linux through Wine.

Viper73511d ago

For many programs theres an free alternative. For Photoshop needs you can use GIMP which is pretty good but needs a bit re-learning. There are other too tough.

But theres no real need to uninstall windows if there are some programs you need for work. Ubuntu can be dual booted with windows vista quite nicely.

But for me, ubuntu has been really fitting OS. The only real program that I have had some problems is the visual studio, as I need to do all my schoolwork related to it on my vista machine or in school.

too bad we arent learning QT at least not yet :P

verb3k3511d ago
If you find this helpful give me some bubbles up.

Yi-Long3511d ago

I need Photoshop, cause I'm a graphic designer/illustrator.
I'm sure GIMP is good too, but maybe not for what I have to do with it.

Elven63511d ago

I doubt we will see the masses switch over to Linux, although I like Vista but for many its not a very good OS, every company releases a consumer unfriendly product to market every now and then, if 7 is good I doubt their will be a need to worry.

Also, GIMP is on Windows as well, but I agree, no way it compares to Photoshop.

ceesiebo3511d ago

The GIMP is also available for Windows, also for FREE! If you like it and it suits your needs, then Photoshop is no reason anymore to stay with Windows.

XxZxX3511d ago

I hear you, Yi Long, I only used PC when i had to, Adobe flash,photoshop, Visual studio 2005.
For everyday use, Ubuntu is much snappier than vista.

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thezuur3511d ago

if you have apps that need windows. use windows. but for surfing the internet linux is a must. no viruses, no malware & firefox (with noscript). its the safest surfing ever.

steve30x3511d ago

I would love to move to Linux but all new games are never released on Linux. Thats the biggest thing stopping me from moving to Linux.

ceesiebo3511d ago

I also was a PC-gamer, and although it's possible to play Windows-games on Linux (via Wine or Cedega) it's not easy to install and might not work. But when I switched to console-gaming I use my PC only for internet, mail, open-office and Java-developement. So Linux is the best choice for me (except for WiFi, damn it).

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ceesiebo3511d ago

You can also try to install Open Solaris. That's working fast, robust and looks similar to Ubuntu, because it also uses Gnome or KDE. It's not a Linux clone (basically Linux is a clone of Unix/Solaris). But the hardwaresupport is not as good as Ubuntu. Solaris does not support my soundcard for example, when Ubuntu has no problem at all (strangely enough Fedora had a LOT of problems with my soundcard). But Ubuntu does not support my WiFi-card (Intel IWL3945) enough. Vista has no trouble at all with all my hardware. So when switching, try out Live-CD first to see if everything is supported and also check the hardwarelists.

By the way, I brought Solaris in the discussion because it's a much easier and free install than MacOSX. Maybe the author thought Solaris and Linux are two of a kind (both Unix-versions).

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