Official Media Create (3/23 - 3/29) hardware numbers

DSi - 57,401
PSP - 54,148
PS3 - 22,825
Wii - 17,276
DSL - 8,408
PS2 - 5,246
X360 - 4,849

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VGChartz3511d ago

The early numbers weren't far off this week.

rockleex3511d ago

BEFORE the PS2 price cut! XD

maruchan27six3511d ago

I am not sure if Japan is having a price cut for PS2 too.

jahcure3511d ago


X360 Week 1 - 14994
X360 Week 2 - 8378
X360 Week 3 - 5441
X360 Week 4 - 4849

X360 Total MONTH - 33656 Units

03/02 - 03/29

PS3 Week 1 - 39835 <---- More than X360 for the MONTH
PS3 Week 2 - 28014
PS3 Week 3 - 25435
PS3 Week 4 - 22825

PS3 Total for Month - 116109

Difference - 82453 in PS3 favour

raztad3511d ago

That is interesting, if you take into account USA and Japan together the xbox and the ps3 are roughly even, perhaps the 360 has a slight edge. The defining wordwide factor here is Europe.

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chidori6663511d ago

i laugh much in 360 lose for ps2....... ( old generation ftw!!!)

3511d ago
PumPum3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

MS has done a good job selling 1mil 360's in Japan, but looking at the current numbers i really wonder; Was it worth paying so much $$ for all the JRPG's or other Japanese exclusives for that matter?

jkhan3511d ago

I think the main goal of Microsoft this gen was to penetrate the Japanese market just a little, just enough to make a brand name, in a sense that initially with xbox it was down right rejected by Japanese, so they made sure the Japanese atleast know what the 360 is and may be next gen they can penetrate a bit more, so Japanese people will know oh so the 360 had good/bad RPGs.

Sarcasm3511d ago

"Japanese atleast know what the 360 is and may be next gen they can penetrate a bit more, so Japanese people will know oh so the 360 had good/bad RPGs."

But it will not change the fact that it's still not Sony or Nintendo. Heck, maybe even a new Japanese console that launch could do better than the 360. All because it's Made in Japan.

SL1M DADDY3511d ago

MS could in fact penetrate the Japanese market with a market share worth writing home about but to be honest, I think it will never happen. The Japanese culture truly supports their own ventures and as long as there are two other Japanese consoles and handhelds to boot, there will be a very minute space set aside for a Western game console. IMHO it would have just been better for MS to stick with Europe and North America and forget Japan all together. 1 million consoles in 4 years is a drop int he bucket and for all the money they have spent on marketing for that 1 million, there are many other places that money could have gone and become more productive.

zag3511d ago

You need to remember there's around 50,000+ US troops in Japan.

I reckon the 360 sales spike because of the change of guard in japan from US troops.

these sales are probably the pure jap sales.

SprSynJn3510d ago

"Japanese atleast know what the 360 is and may be next gen they can penetrate a bit more, so Japanese people will know oh so the 360 had good/bad RPGs."

See thats the thing though. Most people still do not know what the 360 is here, especially kids. I have asked the children I teach numerous times which consoles they have and/or want. Every time I ask about the 360, more than half the class stares at me in confusion. I doubt this will change in the future. Especially with Sony and Nintendo in the game.

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Apocalypse Shadow3511d ago

tally up the amount of ps3 sales in japan last month and compare it to NPD sales in america last month?i'm tired this evening and don't wish to look for it.

could someone tell me what these numbers will be when FFXIII demo hits later this month in japan for ps3?

could someone tell me why a next gen system like 360 is selling less than ps2? a........NINE YEAR OLD SYSTEM?!

could someone tell me when we are going to hear about exclusive games for 360 this year?it's almost half a year already.why are 360 gamers waiting for exclusive games now?who's waiting now?


apocalypse................... ....

jkhan3511d ago

Do you have a 360? If yes then wait till E3, most probably there will be something for fall. If not then it shouldn't concern you.

thePatriot3511d ago

11 PSP Sunday VS magazine collection! Top large decisive battle

sunday owns

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