PS3 Exclusive Tales of Vesperia Character Referenced In Xbox 360 Version

Kotaku writes: "The PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia feature is getting a new, exclusive character: young pirate girl Patty Fruel. But perhaps, this isn't the first time we've heard of her.

She was apparently referenced in the Xbox 360 version. Pictured is a screen shot of the Xbox 360 version."

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Zeus Lee3487d ago

Hit agree if you'd rather spend your hard earned $60 on something other than left-overs

v1c1ous3487d ago

ps3 only owners can now play another decent rpg.

whats your beef? that someone got it first? what r we in, elementary school?

Obama3487d ago

I actually will spend my hard earned 60 dollars on this game. This is the only jrpg besides VC and persona 4 that I want to buy.

Obama3487d ago

Also it may be 60 bucks, but it is the complete version with extra goodies. Perhaps it will even get the original japanese VA like VC did.

Unicron3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Nevermind. Too easy.

SixTwoTwo3487d ago

I don't mind dropping 60 for the definitive version of Tales of Vesperia.

UnSelf3487d ago

maybe im just late but wasnt this April fools?

and dont disagree, just correct me sheesh

Obama3487d ago

nope not april fools...

anh_duong3487d ago

zeus, if a gamer likes the game he should buy it. if he doesn't own an xbox then there is nothing wrong with buying a version for his console if he wants to play the game. but you are obviously not a gamer hence you wouldn't understand that.

love games not hate consoles.

DNAgent3487d ago

Decent RPG? Vesperia is one of the worst Tales of games ever made. If Namco Bandai wants to make a PS3 game then it should be a new exclusive Tales of game. I won't be buying or even playing any of the games they make until that happens (which isn't that hard because what they have came out with so far this gen has been pretty horrible). It may have been the highest rated RPG on the 360 but that's not really saying much if you've seen the RPGs that the 360 has.

Menchi3486d ago

Well considering the EU haven't seen this yet at all, I'm quite happy to buy it on PS3.

zaza1263486d ago

by that same logic we shouldn't be playing games like biochock just cause it came out later on the ps3
and that makes a lot sense, miss out on an amazing game just cause youre mad that your console didnt get it first?

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Gun_Senshi3487d ago

I thought it was april's fool..

Sarcasm3486d ago

Only on Xbox 360


patb3487d ago

Yeah, WTF is going on. This better not be a late april fools joke.

Canary3487d ago

Owning a 360 in addition to a PS3 is good because I get to play all the RPGS when they come out.

Owning a 360 in addition to a PS3 is still going to be good because these ports... they take forever to be releasted (it'll be around 2011 by this thing, assuming it's real, is availible in english).

And by the time (continuing under the initial assumption) ToV (PS3) is released for $60USD, ToV(X360) will be $20USD.


theEnemy3487d ago

since you don't have a Wii, PSP, and a DS.


Cyrus3653487d ago

The game is schedule to come out in the Fall of 2009...I don't think it'll take till 2011..for it to come.

Canary3486d ago

I've got everything but a Wii. (lol, no gaems).

I think, overall, ports are a BAD thing for gamers. They're great for the industry, but bad for us. A new Tales Of game using the ToV engine on PS3 could have been awesome, and wouldn't take that much longer to make than a port.

Awookie3485d ago

What? It would take way longer for a new game. You need new characters, plot, environments, writing all that doesn't come out of thin air.
Creative vision is what truly makes games great, and I bet they have a fairly small team converting all this to ps3.
And this is good for gamers as well, more people can get the game, people on the fence, fans want updated version.

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DNAgent3487d ago

Neither version is superior because the game itself sucks. I mean yeah, the 360 obviously got the worst version but the game isn't even worth the money. It seems companies still haven't learned (except Tecmo/Team Ninja) that most PS3 gamers won't buy or play hand-me-downs (especially when the game sucks).

WildArmed3486d ago

I'll be glad to buy Mass Effect for my ps3 all over again. Its a great game, and if u cant understand that. I suggest you try it out on PC.

But i do agree most hand-me-downs are flop games that need sales desperately.
Just like UT3 from ps3 to 360.

Either way, I played it on 360 and it was ok. (1 shot game, 1 playthrough.. never touch again)

AngryTypingGuy3486d ago

Blu-Ray is a superior format, but unless a game make use of extra space and has a ton of extras, then it doesn't mean that it has the superior version of the game. On the contrary, Blu-Ray can often lead to slower loading times.

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