Ace Combat VI revealed for Xbox 360, first screenshots

Today Ace Combat VI has been revealed for Xbox 360, thanks to a Japanese games magazine. The magazine has posted an article about the game together with the very first screenshots. Remarkable thing is that they only mention a Xbox 360-version. Ace Combat used to be a Sony-franchise.

If Ace Combat VI will be Xbox 360-exclusive or just hasn't been announced for PS3 yet is currently unknown.

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Mkdcoupe44815d ago

OHHHH MANNNN this better not be buyin a ps3 on aust launch and i wanttt ace combattt

Roblord4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

First, I own a XBOX 360 but I'm not a XBOX 360 fanboy. I like good games.
I also have a PS2 and probably will buy a PS3.
Seeing that some games that were PS2 exclusive are coming to other platforms in the next-gen consoles shows two things:
- With little exception, most late-gen exclusive from third parties are going to be multi-platform;
- And, the console war in this gen will not depend only in the games the console have.
A good on-line service, system stability (read 3 red lights), interaction and company support for the consumers are going to help decide the fight.

I love the Ace Combat series! And is good to see some development of it in the next-gen. Especially for the system that I own....

THAMMER14815d ago

Xbox live and ace combat = Good times

Shadow Flare4815d ago

ace combat is one of my favourite game franchises

imagine the aerial battles the cell processor is capable of producing, or flying with the sixaxis

Lex Luthor4815d ago

Please drop the cell processor and bluray act, it's getting VERY boring.


ASSASSYN 36o4815d ago

imagine the power of the cell in a game like...oh oh Armored core vs. 360 yeagh it did good there. /sarcasm/

borncult4815d ago

Here that, "the aerial battles the cell processor is capable of", as if its such a strong processor, go do your homework boy, the new dual core amd's will kick the cell and the 360's cpu to the ground, its all down to the GPU in wich case the ps3 is mediocre.

You people best get used to this trend of everything coming to the 360, there is a roll reversal happening, the 360 is the new PS2 and the ps3 is the new Xbox1.

Shadow Flare4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

Firstly, when you say everything is coming to the 360, you make it sound like a 360 exclusive. PS3 had and still has these titles. Sony first party games are also always awesome, and are made extremely well.

Secondly, what are you talking about amd processors for? The cell is vastly more powerful than any chip in the 360. Sony always brags about they're games having fantastic physics and vast amount of things on screen simultaneously. Tell me one game where microsoft brags about those things. Its cos the 360 just has standerd components. Scientists are also saying how great the Cell chip is and how they can use it for research because of how many calculations it can do per second. Which in turn benefits games. Since when has anyone been excited about any components inside the 360? Excited bout your dvd drive?

Just look at a flight combat game like warhawk. It has hundreds of aircraft in combat at the same time with soldiers on the ground fighting too. And Lair, which has incredible graphics, hundreds upon hundreds of highly detailed soldiers fighting it out, each doing their own thing in the distance. I've never seen a 360 game that can handle stuff like that so well. Thats why Ace Combat 6 would be awesome on ps3.

And on a side note, games come to the 360 not because they want to but because they have to. They have to go to another user base aswell to justify costs. And by a game going to 360, it gets ruined from what it could be. If it was solely focused on the ps3, they could take advantage of its power. Imagine the kind of living vibrant city Grand Theft Auto IV could have. So much could be going on at once, so many cars, people all doing they're own thing; because the cell cprocessor can handle far more calculations then the 360 can. But because its on the 360 too, it has to be dumbed down for both consoles to handle it. Why do think criterion is focusing Burnout 5 mainly for the ps3? Because imagine the kind of game it will be

Grown Folks Talk4815d ago

check out dead rising and 99 nights. plenty of stuff on the screen at once. of course, that doesn't make a game good.

CG4815d ago

"The 360 has only standard components" HA HA HA
Did sony tell you that in one of your dreams, oh man i feel sorry for you!
Your obviously another clueless super sonyfanboy!!

SmokeyMcBear4815d ago

i thought the cell processor could also do the load of a gpu.. you know.. cuz its super badass

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