Gamer Addiction: The Real Story

GS AU reports "What is video game addiction? What are its boundaries, its symptoms, its treatments? How wide is its scope? And is it even a medically recognised condition in the first place?"

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michellejbuss3489d ago

I have written a bit on this myself and in the course of my research I have found (without getting too complicated about it) that less than six percent of gamers could be said to be clinically addicted. That is not to say that some are not playing excessively and suffering some negative effects from it. And 6 percent is still significant. One in every 6 gamers you meet.

Slinger4203488d ago

I can honestly say that I never felt "addicted" to games before this gen. I have played hundreds of games throughout my life, but damn, Call of Duty and Left4Dead have got me hooked like nothing ever has. I still make sure I do well in my college courses as I have only two semesters until I finish and get my Bachelors Degree. I also spend a lot of time with my Fiancee who doesn't game at all. All of my other free time goes to gaming though, any chance I get I hop online and play. I attribute video game addicition to online gaming.