Nintendo Remains Environmentally 'Pitiful'

Edge writes: "Greenpeace has once again condemned Nintendo.

In its recently published eleventh edition of the Guide to Greener Electronics, the environmental group has awarded Nintendo with a score of less than one out of ten; a number as low as the platform holder received last year."

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thisguywithhair3488d ago

*sees a tumble weed blow by* guess not lol

ChickeyCantor3488d ago

Funny thing is, the Wii hardly uses energie to run.
So you can't b/tch GP.

SeanScythe3488d ago

Who other then hippie nut's care? The rest of the world couldn't care less. I'm glad my PS3 isn't Green because I love to throw in in the face of the eco nuts. I leave mine all the time doing real good for the world "[email protected]".

Kill the Baby Seals!!!!
Melt the Ice Caps, once New Orleans goes under I'll have ocean front Property.