On-Live Beats the Big Three to The Digital Distribution Punch

MattG of HHG Writes:

People fear the unknown. When new ideas and technologies are first revealed to the world many people are unsure what to consider fact and what to consider empty promises. This is clearly evident in the video game industry with new technologies and ideas being revealed everyday.

Currently, the big three (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) are the kings of the video game industry. When it comes to home consoles, no one else compares. For the past decade all three of those companies have been dictating the new technology gamers expierence with video game consoles.

Now though things have changed because of a small company called OnLive. While you probably know about OnLive and all it's features, you probably have your fair amount of doubt. One thing gamers must give them credit for is the fact that they have now pushed the big-three to the wall and called them out.

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s8anicslayer3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

If anyone were to buy Onlive it should be Gamefly! imagine streaming any game you want 2 at a pop, that would be sick!

MysticStrummer3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I guess HHG isn't aware of the various games, tv shows and movies available for download from PSN and XBL. It's unreal that so much misinformation is allowed to go unchecked. Oh wait... I forgot about the Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh... I guess HHG is following their lead. The number of households that don't even have access to high speed internet makes this "article" a joke.

El_Colombiano3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Trash site. Misinformed. Wait, scratch that. Uninformed. Pathetic. I wish they would shut down the domain.

Jadaking3513d ago

Well actually he's right. Even though the big 3 have some sort of DD, none of them can actually do what onlive can do. Also why the hell are you guys always hate anything hhg related. I've seen his videos and read some of his peoples articles but none of what they say gets me so mad that every time someone in their camp says something, I have to make a negative comment about them. These guys are just journalists giving their opinions and reporting on the game industry, how are they any different than any other site?

illizit3513d ago

How is it that they cannot do what onLive does? They simply need to develope something similar (PS Cloud) and use the ps3/xbox360 as the "client" to connect. Because they have the marketshare they already have a head start.

Theoneneo813513d ago

how can onlive beat anything when its not even in beta yet!

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