Sony may cut price of PlayStation 3, Goldman says

London, March 20: Sony Corp., the world's largest maker of video-game players, may cut the price of its PlayStation 3 consoles in global markets, a Goldman, Sachs & Co. analyst said.

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THAMMER15252d ago

$600.00(US) & $825.00(EURO) and no exclusive games. They need to do what Nintendo did with the Game Cube back in 2002.

achira5252d ago

you are a poor joke. xbox360 has no exclusives, oh sorry only fps.

HandShandy5252d ago

The playstation 3 hasn't got any exclusive games? Really....

Great, excuse me while I pop off down to the shops and buy a copy of "Resistance Fall Of Man" for nintendo Wii, and "Motorstorm" for Xbox360.

kingboy5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

Forget about him for he`s just another fanboy who pretends and take away peoples bubbles in here ..
Sorry on that bro looks like i got the wrong peace dawg!

THAMMER15252d ago

You and I have had many disputes but I have never reported your acc. I hope you are not referring to me. Because I have never reported you or any one else in this thread. Stop acting like a BOY. we may have differnt opinions but I'm not that low.

THAMMER15252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

I'm not trying to piss you off. But both of those games are just O.K. And yeah they are exclusive to PS3. Good thing too. You need rumble for a shooter and a race game. Could you imagine Rumble on Motorstorm over Xbox live "wow" you could actually feel the track as you race. R: FOM has nice weapons but no rumble what is up with that.

And no I have nothing to hide. I'm at work enjoying you guys making fan boys of your self. King Boy I call a seas fire on you. 1 more infraction and oh NO. ACHRIA you know whats up. Your a joke for real.

r10005252d ago

be careful what you and all the other 360 complainers about ps3's price wish for...

If the the ps3 does do a price cut.... you can can kiss the 360 goodbye "AGAIN"...... PERIOD....

THAMMER15252d ago

I would not mind a PS3 price drop my self.

Gh0stDrag0n5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

This is like predicting it will rain somewhere on earth today, it is not a question of will there be a price cut but when. In my opinion the PS3 will keep more exclusive games after the price cut makes it affordable for the masses. The 360 is pushing its affordability at US$399, the Wii has nailed it. More gammers that own a given system = more AAA games and exclusives for that system. Don't forget the 360 is overdue for a price cut, a PS3 drop in price will be answered by one from Microsoft. No ground will be gained in the "console war" by either side, us gammers will definitely benefit though.

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The story is too old to be commented.