IGN: Top Ten Gaming April Fools' Pranks

IGN writes: "Can you take a joke? That's the question of the week, it seems – and by now you've probably seen IGN Australia's killer GTA: Harbour City prank, as well as the US' year's ode to Wii DLC in the form of violent Smash Bros. content. Hopefully you liked them – and if you didn't, loosen up, tiger! However, these are just a drop in a bucket of awesome April Fools pranks that the gaming industry tempts us with every year. As such, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look back at the best of these – from the World of Warcraft Bard Hero class to LEGO Halo and even IGN's infamous Zelda movie trailer. Clearly, the world owes a debt of thanks to Electronic Gaming Monthly. May it rest in peace. Now - behold the list!"

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El_Colombiano3484d ago

Oh man, Zelda movie? Epic April Fools. Looked awesome though.