The Gran Turismo...Restaurant?

Sony moves into the restaurant business with the launch of the Gran Turismo Café at Twin Ring Motegi. Accusations this is distracting them from GT5 development in 3, 2, 1...

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Zeus Lee3490d ago

Just give me GT5 already :(

thezuur3490d ago

or at least more content for gt5p

DERKADER3489d ago

Look like we know what PD has been waisting its time on since GT5P came out. Stop working on all these side project and focus on your game which has yet to get a release date. Or give the GT5P owners something new.

FerretWithASpork3490d ago

"Accusations this is distracting them from GT5 development in 3, 2, 1... "

Somehow I really doubt that the game developers have anything to do with the restaurant business... and if they do, man the recession is worse than I thought!

Strife Lives3490d ago

You gave me a taste of GT5:Prologue,now I want everything,especially damage,weather,night driving.In that order :p

Speed-Racer3490d ago

Come on PD, stop giving us useless stuff and give us GT5.

Revvin3489d ago

I think there are a few short sighted people here. This kind of deal brings more product awareness to the Gran Turismo brand, does anyone think that the team of programmers from Polyphony are sweating away in the kitchen and that Kazunori Yamauchi is going to be waitering?