What Happened At The Mass Effect 2 Panel

Kotaku writes:

"I'd been dreading writing up what happened at the last GDC panel I attended, and not because it was boring to sit through.

Far from it – BioWare showed off a couple Mass Effect 2 videos with combat and cut scenes; two journalists I admire almost got in a fight about the illicit recording of said videos; and I got to use the panel as a case study to present to my ethics professor. Long story short: there was drama; and until the drama died down, I was hesitant to do the write-up."

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Finalflash223511d ago

HA a fanboy calling out other fanboy's what has this site come too

GameOn3511d ago

It has all ways been that way.

TheAntiFanboy3511d ago

All fanboys suck. The Mass Effect series is a work of art, and I hope that it can come to PS3 as well as the 360 so that its potential audience would become greater.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3511d ago

I own 3 consoles this generation, my PC can run Crysis, I have a DS, a PSP and an iPhone. Fanboy of what? I could have a preference, but there's a difference; I give credit where credit is due and that's why I own all gaming platforms. I could prefer one over the other but that doesn't make me a fanboy, I'd be a fanboy if I had no arguments or if I didn't recognize weaknesses or strengths in any console especially the ones I prefer the most.

Now go back to school, boy.