'Infamous' Developer Thought Peter Molyneux Was Lying

Players want to be good guys.

Brian Fleming, president of Sucker Punch, the studio behind June's dark super-hero game "Infamous," didn't believe it.

He'd heard this from Peter Molyneux, the outspoken head of Lionhead Studios, who said that players of the Xbox series "Fable," tended to steer their characters toward the side of angels. Technically, they could have made their characters evil and gained just as many benefits. But Molyneux said players ultimately preferred to complete their adventure as a good person.

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akaFullMetal3487d ago

I like to be good, but when i play the second time through, im evil, so its really doesn't matter. But usually ill choose to be the good guy, just like a superhero, I like being a badass, not a dlck.

GameGambits3487d ago

The best game so far in my book for morality was Mass Effect.

I started the game out with the intention of being good. Throughout the game it gives you so many situations where decisions that seem good can turn out to be bad. It also delivers tough choices even if you want to be good where you have to make an ultimately evil or selfish decision.

Fallout 3 was also good, but if people haven't played Mass Effect they need to. It has the best ending I've seen from a game in a long time and #2 will push it even further.

solidsnakus3487d ago

yea i played mass effect and thought the ending was ok. but then i played through it being evil and HOLLYY SHAT!!!! the ending just blew my mind. thats so badass and something i totaly didnt see coming. i just dont see how they can make the game start off like that its basically splitting the game into 2 parts..

heroicjanitor3487d ago

I just feel terrible when I go down the evil route. The only time I have been evil is when after a long while of avoiding I decided I had to join the assassin's guild in oblivion, the quests were just so creative. But I felt absolutely horrible killing the old woman and her kids/dog...

thats_just_prime3486d ago

A lot I think depends on the game in the 1st blood omen most people went for the evil ending. Devs later use that to create soulreaver.

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kingme713487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Unfortunately, games aren't at a point where moral decisions are made based on your own feelings. They are based on what you think the game wants you to choose. As I play games like Fable and Bioshock and the decision comes up, I don't think what would I do in the real world, I'm thinking what does the game want me to do so that I'm not punished for my decisions. In the case of some of these games, they want you to play to the extreme of either side. Infamous only unlocks certain skills when you progress far enough good or bad to get them, so you have no choice but to follow the path you start on or you will be stuck in the middle the whole time.

I will probably play Infamous twice and do both extremes but that isn't because of any moral or immoral fiber I possess, it's purely because I want to see how the game advances in either direction and I'm sure that is the case with most everyone. We just happen to choose good 80% of the time because good is what a game typically rewards you for.

I'm still waiting for a game to give us real moral choices and doesn't punish or reward us for picking the right one. It should be ambivalent to what we choose and the story should just progress on that new path. Heavy Rain is a title that might have a chance to evolve moral decisions in this direction.

7thNightvolley3487d ago

I always find myself being a 100 percent angel when playing games like that coz i always think there is a hidden reward i might miss so i want to be the MR NICE guy. but i alway play again but then be MEGA EVIL!!!lool

morganfell3487d ago

Try The Witcher. All of those considerations go right out the window the first time you think you are doing something right and the guy you help kills a friend of yours.

themyk3487d ago

See I guess the xbox kids do have hearts. And here I though you all were just a bunch of heathens

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