Killzone multiplayer beta participants selected

Those who signed up for the Killzone multiplayer beta and haven't checked their e-mail in a while, may want to sort through the porn and pills spam, because you may have been selected to participate.

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Creepa at GameManx4765d ago

Mann i wish i would have signed up :(

FreeMonk4765d ago

I really hope that Sony do a good job on this game!!

Although I am not a big Sony fan in the slightest, as I think the X360 is a far superior console at the moment, there is not denying that the CGI trailer for Killzone kicked ass.

Now if Sony live up to there promises (which in the past has always gone down the drain, so I'm not holding my breath), I hope the actual game matches that CGI trailer in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Here's hoping that Sony do a good job and pick decent play testers instead of stupid yes men who'd say its a great game when it's a bag of balls (like the first one!!)

Toolman4765d ago

You might want to read the story. This is beta is for the PSP killzone