Zune in your living room might not be too far off

Microsoft looks to counter Apple's upcoming services by integrating Zune services into your life, starting with your TV.

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oriol0033511d ago

Yes go microsoft iPod is garbage who needs a touch screen on their listening device anyways right?

cryymoar3511d ago

BREAKING: New Zune has touch screen!

You: Yeah touch screen is awesome!

FragMnTagM3511d ago

I read that as sarcastic.

cyguration3511d ago

Isn't Apple like pwning the Zune with the iPod right now?

iClutch3511d ago

Depending on the quality of this, MS might be able to win some customers over Apple

Godmars2903511d ago

Without even having to try. On any level.

FordGTGuy3511d ago

In terms of overall sales yes, in terms of sale increases no and in terms of device quality hell no.

Godmars2903511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Where have I heard that before?

Oh yes; from every fanboy talking up their system. Be it the 360 when comparing DVD9 to Blu-ray, or free PSN over subscription based XBL.

Never mind that in your "quality" argument you seem to have forgotten that sudden and instant bricking epidemic that hit the Zune last year. That's what put the nail in its coffin. MS will need to re-re-launch the thing. And then not have any mistakes, for the sake of their whole company.

FordGTGuy3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I own a Zune 8, Zune 30, Zune 80, Sony PSP 3000, iPhone and have owned many iPods and the Zune is a way better PMP. BTW Cnet agrees with me.

There is no such thing as a flawless launch or a flawless product so you can go ahead and blow that out your @$$. Also the Zune firmware is working just fine now and no they weren't turned to bricks a simple fix solved that problem which is now gone. Atleast a Zune hasn't exploded in anyones pocket yet unlike another product.

Godmars2903511d ago

Neither are making the Zune more popular than the iPod.

And honestly, are most of you item lovers even comprehending the article? If anything they're not talking about the current Zune. It could be a set-top box or just a software brand where its going to have more competition than just the iPod.

thereapersson3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Really, you know as well as I do that most people don't even know anything other than the iPod name. It's not so much the quality of the player, as the fact that people see others with the iPod, so they want to fit in. I've talked to a few people throughout the years who seriously thought that the MP3 format is something that only plays on iPods.

Consumers are sheep, Godmars. You sound intelligent enough, so you should know this by now.

Oh, and as for the bricking argument, no they were not bricked. If you performed a hard reset and re-loaded the updated firmware, the problem ended up being resolved.

Godmars2903511d ago

Exactly my point: people/consumers are sheep.

So 1) when the Zune "bricked" how many "sheep" do you think knew how to fix or even go to get it fixed, and 2) How is MS trying to sell products based on their brand name any different than Apple doing the exact same thing? Aside from MS committing major foibles in attempting to penetrate existing markets. Much less the people who defend them by pretending no mistakes were made on their part only to exacerbate any and all flaws they can find in the competition.

Not aying I'm any better, just that we wouldn't have the assinie fanboy crap we have know if people could accept that there are problems with the products they like. That its all crap not worth defying.

JasonXE3511d ago

it turned on the next day.

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omodis4203511d ago

This has potential to really shake Apple up. As a fan of the iPod, I really hope it doesn't.

omodis4203511d ago

Apple TV is going to wreck this.

Captain Tuttle3511d ago

I like my 30 gig's been bomb proof. Wish my 360's were.

thereapersson3511d ago

I know, I have an 80 and I've dropped it so many times, and I also spilled liquid all over it; it still works flawlessly.

I like the Zune because it has good audio quality and the firmware is responsive to the things you tell it to do. The Classics are laggy, and Apple ruined the touch wheel from the previous generations by making them less sensitive. They also changed the audio circuitry in the classics, so they don't sound as good as the previous gen iPods. The funny thing is, Apple fans defend this by saying "oh, well the classics aren't what you should be buying; the iPod touch is where it's at!"

But then comparing the iTouch to the Zune or even the iPod classic is like apples to oranges.

Elven63511d ago

Likewise, I put my 80GB through hell and its still working just as fine as it was the first time I used it. I've been seeing more and more Zune's in my day to day travels on the train and such, the Zune is doing much better then people give it credit for, especially on N4G!

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