UFC 2009 Undisputed KOs Fight Night

OXCGN gets all hands-on with UFC 2009 Undisputed

It's still one of my most vivid memories of the current generation of consoles. In 2006 I hadn't yet dropped my dollars on a system, but my mate had taken the leap, bought an extra controller and invited me over to play a boxing game.

If any game in those early months defined next gen for me, it was EA Chicago's Fight Night Round 3. The hulking boxers in cinematic combat; reflective lighting; beads of sweet; real time bruising; and the unmistakable crunch and blood that accompanied each KO defined my first steps into the ring of next gen gaming. Since then, nothing in the fighting sim genre has threatened to take the (Burger) King's crown!

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Hunter865055d ago

This game is going to be freaking awesome. Can't wait!

Superfragilistic5055d ago

I've never had any interest in UFC but this game looks sweet and a hell of a lot more interesting than Fight Night.

Looks damn violent too... which is pleasing.

Bnet3435054d ago

I became a fan of UFC since UFC 75. It's a great sport to watch. MMA is great and surpasses boxing in every category. Hell it makes me wanna knock someone out. :) I hope this UFC turns out to be good.

Face Palm5054d ago (Edited 5054d ago )

You should find a gym and train some Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I've been religiously watching the UFC and MMA since UFC 40 in 2002 but I started actually TRAINING in 2007. I'm sure you know who Sean Sherk is right? I train at the same gym as him and many other UFC/MMA fighters (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) 4 times a week. If you train you will understand the sport much better.

BTW UFC 75 was crap. I'm glad it was free on Spike! Bisping vs Hammil was such a joke.

Immortal Kaim5055d ago

I actually don't know what I'm looking more forward too out of Fight Night and UFC.... Guess I will have to get both :)

XboxOZ3605055d ago

This game is seriously going to make ppl stand up and go . . shhhittteee . . .

I hate fight games, but it had me hook-line-n-sinker on the night, and even one of the real world UFC guys that was there (Australian Corky) was worried the mechanics would be terrible. He was amazed and even got beaten by a fellow media guy.

Megaton5055d ago

As an MMA fan, I'm looking forward to this and hope it turns out great.

Godem5054d ago (Edited 5054d ago )

ill pass.

I've never liked fighting games, i've tried, but its never happened.

XboxOZ3605054d ago

Even if you rent this, you need togive it a go, seriously. I 'hate' fight games, couldn't get my head around Fight Night 3, but this was great . . with a capital G

gaminoz5054d ago

Maybe they should release a demo?

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The story is too old to be commented.