Gamepyre Review: Drakensang: The Dark Eye

GP writes: "Drakensang - The Dark Eye is the name of the RPG that is covered in this review. It is a PC game, and it is also the cheapest of the RPGs that I'm currently reviewing; it is only 30 dollars. Lately I've had a really bad run with cheap games; while sometimes a real jewel can be found on the cheaper game rack, it seems that lately my luck turned up only garbage. But at the same time I could not make myself ignore this title. While my job deems that I pay attention and try to review all the games that are released, this time I can not blame my job for making this purchase. For reasons unknown I have been strongly drawn towards Drakensang. It is a game made my THQ and although all publishers have some lemons, for the most part, THQ is a company that I respect. But, once again, it wasn't THQ that made me pick up a copy."

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