PSP-3000 now fully hacked via the Phantasy Star Portable Exploit

Just when we all thought there is no more hope for the PSP-3000, Fanjita comes back, and armed with a fully workable exploit for the unyielding PSP Brite. He's been quiet for some time now, but little did we know he's been up and about tweaking away on the Phantasy Star Portable exploit, which was only "potentially-an-exploit" by yyoossk just last week.

And don't we all love a nice, pleasant surprise? Things can only go up from here

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TheMART3486d ago

Too bad its just an Aprils Fools joke that arrived a bit too late...

rockleex3485d ago

Its an April Fools joke. Some people followed the directions and got pranked... at least that's what they claimed.

They even posted the full April Fools message when you complete the steps. Not sure whether its real or not.

Anyways, in a few days we'll know whether this is real or not.

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