Dragon ball MMORPG coming in 2008

DBMania is bringing us news that Dragon Ball Online, an MMO based on one of the most recognized series in the world, is coming to Japan in 2008, with the beta being tested in Korea this summer. The game is set 200 years from the end of the manga, so all the main characters are dead, or so it seems. The world has been divided by some evil organization, and with the help of "Time Patrol Trunks," you'll help to reunite the world.

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jpod4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

I'll probably play this if it ever comes out stateside. It actually looks and sounds interesting. I can't wait for one of my favorite anime of all time to come stateside. I need this game NOW! Hehe. I think it's cool that Akira Toriyama is coming back to do designs too.

CAPS LOCK4758d ago

cool, i love this anime!