Badass Of The Month Club: Auron

Destructoid Writes:

"From the first moment you meet the character, you can tell that Auron is a man who does not waste words. Ever. Every note of every sentence he speaks resonates with conviction and surety, and he handles conflict like an old pro. It also helps that he looks cool. After all, Tidus looks like a well-scrubbed weakling with a penchant for overly fancy clothes at the beginning of Final Fantasy X, but Auron? Auron rocks a bitchin collar that covers up more than half of his face, black hair with white streaks, a shirt that shows off one finely muscled arm, and most amazing of all, sunglasses all the time. But he still doesn't look like a douche. Now that's talent.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe that Auron is a guy that's had some experiences in his time, some which he's not so forthcoming about at the start of the game. Of course, the air of mystery only adds to his devastating badassery, so I can't really complain here. Later on you'll find out that the legendary guardian was mortally wounded in a fight with Yunalesca."

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George Sears3511d ago

Yeah man Auron was pretty [email protected]$$. Although Yunalesca did kick his @$$ , even as an unsent he still was faithful towards Braska and Jecht.