Five Console Games That Were Ahead Of Their Time

Ah gaming consoles! Where would we be without them? Pumping quarters into arcade machines (a thing of the past, almost) and tethered to PC's, I suppose. Just as we have fond memories of gaming in the arcades and PC gaming has a rich history shared by the comparatively few who owned the machines in the late eighties and early nineties, console gaming also has quite a bit to remember since the earliest gaming machines entered homes in the late seventies.

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InMyOpinion4764d ago

They all forget to mention Shenmue. And why not Virtua Fighter. Hell, most Sega titles released a couple of years ago where ahead of their time and got copied by the competition.

Ludwig4764d ago

They missed 2 very meaningful:
- Dave Theurer's I'Robot (Arcade, 100% 3D back in Atari Days.)
- Trespasser

HokieFan4764d ago

What about Zelda on the NES? Wansn't that the first game with the battery backup to save your game? Not to mention the gameplay, which was years beyond anything else out at the time.