Microsoft Still Benefiting From Breaking Rules

TechRadar Writes:

"The CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, has told TechRadar that the world is already reaping the benefits from the complaint it filed with the European Commission over Microsoft's dominance in the browser market.

In a major interview with TechRadar, von Tetzchner explained why he is pleased to see Microsoft considering an 'off switch' for Internet Explorer 8 in the forthcoming Windows 7, and explains why he still feels the battle is worth fighting."

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Why dis3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

So much anti American/MS fud being hunted for and posted even the haters are sick of reading it. LOL at the haters ragging on MS's products considering they are the ones always trying to destroy them(hackers from Europe etc)

Reminds me of the nuts running around in London complaining about wealth and success amongst other things.

Crimsonite3484d ago

Dont you ever hop off Microsoft's sack. Anyway hopefully this will lead to more people using better browsers like firefox but then again this might be bad because the more popular a browser is, the more likely it will be that people make viruses for it .

Why dis3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Look child

I don't think people come to these sites to be exposed to unhealthy hate towards a company. Do you guys ever stop?

Please find something to do with your lives we need you. Charity work for an bad cause is counterproductive.

Bnet3433484d ago

I don't get this. People are really that dumb. Microsoft made the OS, so it's not fair that they make IE8 the default browser? I mean, wheres the logic behind that? I'm going to walk in to starbucks with a dunkin donuts cup YAY!!!!!

uxo223484d ago

I am so frickin pissed, I bought a GMC YUKON denali and the damn thing had a frickin GMC radio in it. I think that that is bullsh!t. I wanted to put a chevy stereo in it. This is a damn monopoly and chevy should file a lawsuit against GMC for putting a GMC radio in their GMC trucks. /sarcasm.

rockleex3484d ago

"I don't think people come to these sites to be exposed to unhealthy hate towards a company. Do you guys ever stop?"

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The Lazy One3484d ago

Toyota is no longer allowed to use it's own radiators.

Walmart shouldn't be able to sell it's own line of generic food.

Exxon should put other companies' gas in it's gas stations.

GiantEnemyCrab3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

LOL! I think the same thing when I read garbage like this.

It's not like you can't install another browser in Windows but heaven forbid MS bundles there own browser in THEIR OPERATING SYSTEM.

This is coming from a bunch of fascists so it doesn't surprise me at all.

"The CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner" Big surprise here!

@Jack - Nah, having a browser built into Apple is just fine. What MS is doing is a crime against nature! This is actually just more Euro hate for everything MS. I say tell these limies to go and use Linux and STFU. But nooooo, they would rather sue the big bad American corporation(that isn't named Apple). Then with the other hand torrent/pirate whatever MS product they want all the while complaining about it.

jack who3484d ago

why havent they gona after apple?

IdleLeeSiuLung3484d ago

While we are at it, we should make PS3 play Xbox 360 games and Xbox 360 play PS3 games.

Ju3484d ago

Poor MS. Really. They never tried to threatened PC manufacturers when they tried to deliver their (!) PCs with something else then Windows. Never happened. Right. Really, MS is a victim. </sarcasm> Well, that would be news. Really. And, well, they didn't build their browser on Mosaic, no ? And killed Netscape. Short time memory, hah ? Or any other "hostile" takeover to get rid of ideas. Well, MS must have changed, then.

The Lazy One3483d ago

yea... and that's why they didn't get an anti-monopoly suit put up against them and didn't have their company split up.

That has already been dealt with. What they are doing now is in no way illegal. What Opera is doing is entirely frivolous, and, if they win, the business world will be pissed. If they lose however, they will literally spend all their capital paying off M$'s legal bills.

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ThatCanadianGuy3484d ago

Microsoft defense force activate !

jack who3484d ago


if window doesnt come with ie preloaded how would you get online?

Phaqutomb3484d ago

i would'nt mind windows so much if it was not built around the browser. I wish i could go back to windows 95 or 98 when it was actualy good.

Viper73484d ago

Yeah, imo its a mistake to build your operating system around a browser and a bad browser at that.

The reason why Linux is way better designed in this chase you don't need a browser to download any programs or browsers(just use package manager that has most of the programs that matter). Not to mention that there is actually competition even between graphical user interfaces so need to build the gui around a browser.

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