SCRAWL: Resident Evil 5 Review: Striking Fun Rather Than Fear

SCRAWL's Carlos writes "Remember the old days, when you played the original Resident Evil 1 and 2 games, and played with the lights off with a group of people to eliminate the fear, or played by yourself to heighten the scares? A few years ago, Resident Evil 4 was released, and after playing it, I didn't get the same feel as the original Resident Evil games, why? Because they were not scary anymore; battling dozens of mind boggled Mexicans as opposed to blood drenched Zombies were definitely was a change. Especially after hearing "Matalo" a hundred times more."

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Sunny_D3485d ago

Then isn't the game losing it's core presentation? It's getting farther and farther away from the Series core. RE has been about horror, not fun only.

farhsa20083485d ago

give me fun anyday, isn't that why we play videogames?