PlayStation Store American Update - 2nd April

The American PlayStation Store update for the 2nd April 2009 has posted up.

Highlights include Comet Crash, 'Isles of Conflict' DLC For C&C Red Alert 3, and the 'Behind The Bullet' feature for Killzone 2.

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skynidas3486d ago

Decent update, next week will be much better, Flock and Rag Doll Kung Fu!

Lifendz3486d ago

I was looking around the PS Store the other day and I had to reflect for a moment on how sparse the store was when I first went on in 2007 (anyone else remember eagerly downloading the Heavely Sword and Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo?) compared to how it is now. Imagine how much better the store will be in 2 more years.

Good stuff.

ToastyMcNibbles3486d ago

cool update...thinking about picking up comet not too into rts games but i picked up pixeljunk monsters recently and its great...any rts fans recommend comet crash? looks pretty dope...cant wait for ragdoll kung fu

Myst3486d ago

Can't really come to terms why Rock Band brought in spongebob tracks, but that comet crash looks interesting. May not be able to get it right away, but certainly thinking about it.

Timesplitter143486d ago

Comet Crash looks friggin awesome. Ever since PixelJunk Monsters, I'm going crazy every time a new tower defense game comes out! And this one has 3 player co-op!


Megaton3486d ago

You get Linger in Shadows and a demo for Red Faction: Guerilla with Qore if you're an annual subscriber. Trying out the Red Faction demo now.

- Ghost of Sparta -3486d ago

I've replayed the demo like 5 times now. Extremely fun stuff.

Megaton3486d ago

Yeah, love the amount of destruction. You can destroy everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.